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OS2- Long-Range High-Resolution Imaging Lidar

14.01.2020 14:26:21 - The OS2 offers an industry-leading combination of range, resolution, price, performance, reliability, size, weight, and power. It is designed for indoor/outdoor all-weather environments. As the smallest and lightest long-range highresolution lidar on the market, the OS2 can be directly integrated into vehicles, robots, and drones.


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The OS2-128 occupies the extreme end of the performance spectrum, on par with the highest resolution sensors available and at a fraction of the price. With vertical angular resolution at a tight 0.18° uniformly across a 22.5° vertical field of view, the OS2-128 enables long-range, high speed perception for autonomous vehicles and high-altitude survey drones.

The OS2-128 produces incredible imagery using its proprietary ASIC and SPAD photon detectors. The imagery you see below is not a camera – it’s a lidar sensor measuring photons returned from laser pulses. This unique technology has no peer in the lidar industry, and unlocks a range of 2D/3D transformation techniques to improve object classification.
-200+ meter range
See farther with the long-range OS2 lidar sensor. Fit for highway-speed autonomy and high-altitude drones.

-High resolution
With 128 vertical beams, Ouster lidar sensors offer the highest resolution available for superior object identification.

-Rugged and reliable
Ouster lidar sensors are designed for 100,000 hours of continuous use. Water-proof, robust to shock and vibration, and temperature rated from -20º C to +50º C.

-Upgradeable firmware
Frequent firmware updates add features and improve sensor performance, helping you get more out of your sensors.

-Data quality
The structured digital lidar data output and unmatched intensity data quality from Ouster lidar sensors improves algorithm efficiency and accuracy.

-Custom Beam Configuration
Ouster’s 128 beam lidar sensors employ an evenly spaced beam pattern for consistent angular resolution throughout the field of view. Even beam spacing is also the standard configuration on all 16, 32, and 64 beam sensors; however, with fewer beams, it can be helpful to cluster beams to achieve higher angular resolution in portions of the field of view.

-The promise of digital lidar
Digital lidar is a new category of high-resolution lidar sensor. This patented technology relies on an all-semiconductor design that replaces what has historically been an analog approach requiring thousands of discrete components with a single silicon chip that performs better, costs less, and is more efficient and affordable as well.
Digital lidar is unlike anything being used by other spinning lidar sensors today, and is better than the legacy technologies it replaces in every way.

-Additional features of the OS2
1. PTP and NMEA/PPS time synchronization options
2. On-the-fly programming of frame rate and horizontal resolution
3. Fixed angle data measurement
4. Multi-sensor crosstalk resistance
5. Industry-leading intrinsic calibration; no recalibration needed
6. Pluggable space-style bayonet connector
7. Over-the-network firmware updates

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Erklärung: Der Autor versichert, dass die veröffentlichten Inhalte in dieser Pressemitteilung der Wahrheit entsprechen und dem gesetzlichen Urheberrechte unterliegen.