50 Years after the Sharon Tate murders the Manson clan could not assassin Hollywood stars again

20.12.2019 13:30:47 - The Hollywood stars of today have successfully learned how to protect themselves from intruders, thieves and murderers in
their homes.

(live-PR.com) - It is a sad jubilee - 50 years ago the Sharon Tate murders happened. "Once upon in Hollywood" The new flic of genius director
Quentin Tarantino reflects the tragic events around the sadistic murders done by the merciless killers and burglars of
the Charles Manson clan.

The relatives of the victims still fight for their beloved ones whereas Charles Manson


gained a status of a bizarre star
in some circles of the society. Hollywood stars and others VIPs are still frightend to become victims like Sharon Tate and her
unborn baby and her friends Abigail Folger with boyfriend, Voytek Frykowski, Cami and Jay Sebring and Steve Parent.

The killings send shockwaves through the whole world and the epic center was the once free and easy living California and in the
eye of the hurricane, Hollywood.

The Hollywood stars of today have successfully learned how to protect themselves from intruders, thieves and murderers in
their homes. In fact the stars normally do not even talk about their security systems to keep it top secret and super tight.

Artificial Intelligence such as robots, automatic cameras, geofencing and also human guards deliver a high degreee of

These techniques can nowadays also be used by "normal" home owners as Thomas Ernst, owner of GSW, a reputated expert,
explains: "If you want to live a safe life with your loved ones the new security systems deliver a very high
standard of security. Charles Manson would not be successfull again."

On August 8, 1969, Tate was two weeks from giving birth. She entertained actress Joanna Pettet and singer Barbara Lewis for lunch at her home,
confiding in them her disappointment at Polanski's delay in returning from London. Polanski telephoned her that afternoon, as did her younger
sister Debra who called to ask if she and their sister Patti could spend the night with her. Tate declined, offering to have them over another time.
Later that evening, she dined at El Coyote Cafe with Jay Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski, and Abigail Folger, returning at about 10:30 p.m.

Members of Charles Manson's "family" murdered Tate, Sebring, Frykowski, and Folger shortly after midnight. Their bodies were
discovered the following morning by Tate's housekeeper Winifred Chapman. Police arrived at the scene to find a young man shot dead in his car
in the driveway, later identified as Steven Parent. Inside the house, the bodies of Tate and Sebring were found in the living room;
a long rope tied around each of their necks connected them. On the front lawn lay the bodies of Frykowski and Folger. All of the victims
except Parent had been stabbed numerous times. The coroner's report for Tate noted that she had been stabbed 16 times, and
that "five of the wounds were in and of themselves fatal".

Police took the only survivor at the address in for questioning, the property's caretaker William Garretson.
Garretson lived in the guest house that was located on the property a short distance from the house, and not immediately visible.
He was questioned and submitted to a polygraph test, and he stated that Parent had visited him at approximately 11:30 p.m. and left shortly after.
He informed police that he had no involvement in the murders and did not know anything that could help the investigation.
Police accepted his explanation and he was released.

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