Wood Floor Sanders Announce Successful Website Redesign

Wood Floor Sanding Leeds

28.10.2019 22:55:42 - Wood Floor Sanding Leeds have expressed their delight at the successful redesign of their floor sanding website.

( - Wood Floor Sanding Leeds are ecstatic to announce their successful launch of their newly designed website. Their website showcases their floor sanding provision and works on multi-faceted level to provide information and advice for clients, whilst working with search engine optimisation techniques to promote the site. This is evident immediately once viewing the site. They have a range of information


available to clients. This is updated regularly with a blog, showing projects they have completed.

The idea behind the website redesign has a double-pronged motive. The designers wanted to provide a simple design that was easy to navigate and uncomplicated. While behind the scenes, it was important that the design offered promotional techniques such as on-page optimisation. This meant that the website would be easy to promote, find and use. As a result, there have been multiple ways in which they have measured their success.

The website bounce rate has dropped to 0.66%. This means that clients are attracted to the content, wishing to spend time on the site and not clicking straight off it. The average time on the site is around one minute and thirty seconds, for which they are looking to improve on continuously. The percentage of new visitors is above 80% which shows that ranking of the relevant keywords is also working successfully. Site visits are above average at over 300 in the last thirty days. Furthermore, individuals visiting the sites are viewing on average over 4 pages of the site each visit.

Each of these elements collectively show an appropriate picture of the incredible success. Mark Dykes and his team of experts excel as market leaders in the field of floor sanding. Their knowledge and experience spans over decades and their customer base of both domestic and commercial customers grows year on year.

They have worked exceptionally well in the promotion of their dust free sanding services. As one of the first in their field to use this machinery, their experience is pivotal to their overall success. They have a passion for delivering incredible results and use only the best available wood products to complete the process.

Mark and his team have gained respect and continually work to offer innovative solutions. They consistently invest in state-of-the-art machinery and training. The team wish to provide true value for clients with high-quality finishes. Dust free floor sanding systems ensure good indoor air quality and professionals sanders use it to progress in a fast-growing and competitive industry.

Mark Dykes, founder of Wood Floor Sanding Leeds commented:
“We work really hard to provide a great service for our clients. We are always looking at ways in which we can be the best at what we do. It was identified that the website needed updating and the design chosen has paid dividends as growth of our business has excelled as a result. We look forward to the coming months in order to monitor further success.”

Growth and success of small businesses is extremely important and worthy of credit. Wood Floor Sanding Leeds are a prime example of a hard working and evolving Company, wishing to improve the provision and offer great floor sanding results without exception.

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