Vovance Announced to Offer Mobile App Development Service to Travel and Tourism Industry

20.11.2019 17:44:18 - Vovance announced to offer the best mobile app development service to the travel and tourism industry. The company will offer both iOS and Android development.

( - Vovance Pvt. Ltd is a one of the topnotch mobile app development companies. The company offers the best mobile app development services to its customers. Recently, the spokesperson of the company announced that the company will provide custom mobile app programming services to the travel and tourism industry.


As per the shared details, the company has a team of experienced mobile app developers that are expert in building any type of mobile app. By taking advantage of these experiences and expertise, the company will provide the best mobile app development services to the travel and tourism industry. The company has announced that it will offer both, cross platform app programming as well as native mobile app development services.

“Mobile application is beneficial to all industry verticals. Any small to big organization can get benefited by investing in the best mobile app development services. Travel and tourism is one of the industries that can get benefited by launching an app which is developed by expert company or developers”, shared spokesperson of the company.
As per the shared details, the Android and iOS developers of the company can build any features needed by the travel or tour company. The spokesperson of the company briefed about the top features one can add in the app:
• Tour package details. The app can display tour packages to the customers that have downloaded the app. They can explore all the different available packages.
• Booking and payment. The users can book a tour package for one or more person and can also make payment to take benefit of early booking or online booking.
• Travel planning. The best mobile app development service provider makes sure to build the tourism app that can let the travel agent/manager to share a complete travel plan along with the checklist of must bring items. The travel planning can be shared with the passengers well in advance. Some apps also allow customers to share the travel itineraries to their friends or family
• Map and navigation. The travelers can have maps and navigation details of the places that are going to visit or visiting at the moment.
• City transport. The travel app can provide details of the different options available for commuters as city transport.
• Top tourist attractions of the city. The app will show the list of tourist attractions along with its pictures and brief about it.
• Chat. The travel agent and passengers can perform text chat and can also share documents and images with each other.
• Language translation. The app will allow customers to use a language translator.
• Weather notes. The app can show dynamic weather updates to the passengers and other users of the app so they can plan their day accordingly.
• Contact details of mandatory and emergency numbers. The contact details of a travel agent, travel agency manager, and local emergency numbers can be stored and made available for passengers.
These are some features that Vovance insist to develop for a travel and tourism app. The company provides the best mobile app development service to all other companies. For more details, please visit

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