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19.05.2020 15:54:50 - Zonka, a leading Customer Feedback and Survey Software, reinvents itself as Zonka Customer Experience (CX) Management Platform to transform the way companies measure and manage Customer and Employee experiences.

( - Zonka Feedback, a leading Customer and Employee Feedback platform, has rebooted and relaunched as Zonka Customer Experience (CX) Platform with powerful feedback capabilities and robust, actionable reporting to create world-class employee and customer experiences.

Zonka CX Management Software - Committed to Excellence and Innovation:
Customer and Employee Feedback and Experiences will always be a priority for all businesses. It is the sure-shot


important step on the ladder to success and business growth. Zonka has always been committed to delivering exceptional and unified experiences across all platforms by measuring feedback at all touchpoints and enabling quick action on the feedback.

Over 1,000 companies currently use Zonka globally including Nikon, SAP, L&T, WeWork, Movenpick Hotel, Lenovo, Tata Steel and BCG, reporting 38% higher Customer Satisfaction Score, and 15% increase in Net Promoter Score.

With the new release, Zonka has transformed and strengthened its commitment to empowering companies to measure experiences and use insights like never before, enabling them to take action for improvement. In the new version, businesses can create stunning and more engaging feedback forms and surveys with new and improved survey design. In the addition to Offline Surveys on Tablets & Kiosks, Online Surveys, Email Surveys and SMS Surveys, businesses can now use Mobile Forms for the on-the-go feedback, Web Widgets, Web Embed and Web Feedback buttons on their Website to cover all customer experience and feedback touchpoints. Continuing to measure all CX metrics including Net Promoter Score®, Customer Effort Score and Customer Satisfaction Score, businesses can now also see more detailed reporting based on all CX metrics. With the new report suite, Zonka CX Platform now gives access to Snapshot Report, Feedback Insights, Location Insights, User Insights, Trends Reports, improved Text Analytics and more. Further enabling Closing the Feedback Loop, tag responses, add tasks and take action to win back detractors and unhappy customers.

“In today's digitally connected world, it's more important than ever to listen and respond to customers and employees alike. Satisfaction is no more relevant! Organization's which delight and are agile will outperform their competitors! Zonka CX Platform enables businesses of all sizes to set up omnichannel customer experience and employee engagement programs with ease delivering amazing out-of-the-box actionable analytics,” said Rajiv Mehta, the brainchild and founder of Zonka CX Platform.

About Zonka CX Management Platform:
Zonka is a globally recognized Customer Experience Management Platform. Zonka’s SaaS-based, multi-channel Feedback platform is one the leaders in the market in capturing, understanding and managing feedback and experience for customers, patients and employees. Zonka CX Management Platform captures experiences and feedback at all touchpoints including in-person, offline, online, email and SMS, and provides a space for active listening. Coupled with in-the-moment, real-time feedback reporting, insights and trends, companies use Zonka CX Platform to drive result-oriented actions to improve Customer Experience and Close the Feedback Loop. With Zonka CX Management Platform, businesses can identify at risk customers, resolve issues, reduce churn, turn detractors and passives into promoters and create amazing experiences, leading to better business outcomes and satisfied customers.

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