Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences Announces Launch of New Product: Genoplan

07.02.2020 18:06:15 - A most advanced genetic testing service to be introduced to The Gulf Region.

( - Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences, a leader in diagnostic, medical and wellness technologies and products that are revolutionizing home testing, today announced the launch of Genoplan, an advanced genetic test analyzing hundreds of medical, health and well-being categories.

Eastern Biotech and Life Sciences is a medical diagnostic services company based in Dubai, established in 2005 and has been at the forefront


of Diagnostic healthcare in the region. The company was established to bring a paradigm shift in the diagnostic industry throughout the MENA region through pioneering technologies and excellent customer service. Eastern Biotech and Life Sciences started with
a goal of providing predictive and personalized healthcare, the company filled the niche in the highly specialized diagnostic and emerging genetic testing market. Upon achieving a leading market position and regional brand recognition, the company incorporated routine diagnostic testing to its portfolio by setting up its own diagnostic laboratory in Barsha, Dubai and developed a web portal offering all diagnostic tests on B2B and B2C platforms.

The combined Eastern Group of Companies that includes Eastern Biotech and Eastern Clinical Laboratories now offers its services through various channels which include partner laboratories, clinics, hospitals independent doctors, and a ‘Direct-to-Customer’ web portal. The experience gained so far has also allowed us to enhance our services to include Quality and Accreditation support for existing laboratories and Project Management for the setting up and commissioning of new laboratories.

Genoplan is an ISO accredited product that analyses 700,00 markers through a simple saliva sample. A detailed analysis of one’s DNA can identify the genetic information that make you who you are through this technology. The test report can help you discover more about your health, traits and any predisposition and provides a comprehensive 460+ personalized report.

"Since our inception, it's been our mission to ensure more targeted approaches to deliver high accuracy, affordable and rapid medical and health testing, said Dr. Faruq Badiuddin, Managing Director. "The Genoplan test will provide a full overview of the clients health and well-being detailed in a wide-ranging report that’s focused purely on them. It gives details of your genetic predisposition to 26 Cancers, over 100 Metabolic, Circulatory and Mental disorders, your variable response to commonly used drugs, and many more genetic traits including those influencing your fitness and nutrition. We've worked diligently to ensure that our exclusive laboratory collaboration for the GCC region is another step towards that continued focus. We're excited to continue with a new and exciting service that complements our product portfolio and effectively meets the needs of both clients’ and partners."

Offering a comprehensive list of high end diagnostic and investigative services broadly categorized into Reproductive Genetics; Cancer Genetics; Pharmacogenomics; Molecular Pathology, including Core (routine) Laboratory Testing. Driven by the passion for serving our clients we strive continuously to implement high-end technology while ensuring quality & affordable priced services are available to all. As well as offering free consultation at the offices, Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences also has a sample collection network that enables clients to have their samples collected locally or they can purchase a home testing kit and ship their samples to be processed.

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Thomas Butler
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Thomas Butler
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