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Compulocks launches custom-designed Cable Lock Slot for brand new MacBook Pro 16”

Ledge Lock slot adapter for MacBook 16"

02.02.2020 20:31:24 - Compulocks launches custom-designed Cable Lock Slot for brand new MacBook Pro 16”

Compulocks’ smart add-on helps students, professionals, and freelancers prevent both private data and $2.800 laptop theft.

( - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AUSTIN, Texas, January 30, 2020

Compulocks, the world-renowned hardware security specialist, is once again the first to market a custom-designed laptop security lock slot: the MacBook Pro 16" Ledge.
It’s the most secure - and only - MacBook Pro 16” security lock on the market.

As Apple products have become more popular, Apple has begun to both reduce the number


of inputs on their devices (such as when it removed the earphone jack), as well as made their designs far sleeker and more lightweight.

Both of these new design choices go towards compromising a Mac device’s security, leaving little room for security slots, due to the thinness of the case, as well as the lack of room for a security-specific input.

The Patented Ledge Lock Slot Adapter is the world's smallest, most revolutionary security cable lock adapter exclusively designed for the MacBook Pro 16" model. With a simple turn of a screw your MacBook 16" will have a compatible cable lock slot that will work with our security cable locks.

As the world's first ever security lock for MacBook Pro 16”, this custom-built lock gives a user’s new device something that not even Apple provides: a secure way to lock it and prevent theft.

The proprietary design does not require any adhesive or alteration to the body of the MacBook to attach this custom Ledge Lock. The New MacBook 16" Lock slot can be quickly and easily installed on both the left or right side of the MacBook, and it does not affect any functionality of the MacBook, particularly the opening and closing of the lid.

The slim design of this extremely secure lock slot adapter integrates seamlessly with MacBook’s minimalist appeal and is ultra-lightweight at less than 0.1lb so it adds minimal bulk and allowing for the MacBook to fit in a sleeve or bag. It’s super easy to install, requiring no external adhesives or alterations to the device.

The Ledge Lock adapter fits seamlessly and discreetly onto the MacBook Pro, and is compatible with all standard T-bar cable locks, such as straight or coiled keyed cable locks and combination cable locks.


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Ledge Lock slot adapter for MacBook 16"


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Schlomi MELKI
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For over 30 years, Compulocks Brands has been providing high quality security and display hardware solutions.

Compulocks is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality security and display hardware solutions, helping companies worldwide to protect their valuable assets. Our products provide better customer experience and strengthen the brand image. Our unique designs, manufacturing partnerships and 'speed to market' sets us apart from our competition.

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Compulocks' expert R&D team can provide complete product customization for clients who desire precise requirements for a uniquely tailored hardware solution. We are proud to partner with companies from diverse industries, small to Fortune 500, providing innovative pioneering solutions.

Compulocks Brands is a family of brands including Maclocks, Compulocks, ELDMount and others.

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