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( - This year, recreational boaters invested more than thirteen-thousand seven-hundred forty-five hours (13,745+ hrs.) viewing America’s Boating Channel’s™ safe boating and boater education videos on YouTube, generating nearly two-million two-hundred thirty-four thousand (2,234,000) impressions.

The top three titles for 2019 and number of views for each were Docking: 65,808 views; Stopping a Boat on Plane: 56,315 views; and Anchoring a Boat: 38,446


views; videos that cover some of the most challenging recreational boating maneuvers.

Nearly half of America’s Boating Channel viewers were aged 35-54 (49%). 33.4% were aged 18-34, 14% were 55-64, and 3.6% were over 65. 87.9% of viewers were male. 52.4% were U.S. based.

America's Boating Channel is now also presenting videos covering the US Sailing Team as it prepares to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, and is currently featuring the Becoming a Champion series sponsored by Kilroy Realty.

Rounding out the top five 2019 videos were Navigation Rules FAQ: 29,625 views and Life Jackets for Children: 15,222 views; providing answers to the most frequently asked questions about Nav Rules and important considerations for choosing and testing children’s life jackets.

97% of America’s Boating Channel’s 2019 viewership came from non-subscribers, with more than sixty percent coming from suggestions alongside or after other videos.

The remaining five videos in America’s Boating Channel’s 2019 top ten included Choosing the Best Life Jacket: 9,769 views, Getting on Plane & Operating on Plane: 9,715 views, Life Jackets: 7,881 views, PWC Docking: 5,708 views, and Mooring and Shoreline Landing: 5,491 views, representing additional high priority areas for safe boat operation.

America's Boating Channel's fourth season of videos is currently in production, covering boater education, engine cut-off devices, life jacket care, cold weather boating, behavioral consequences, introducing ATONS, dispelling BUI myths, life jacket labels, and electric shock drowning (ESD).

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America’s Boating Channel is produced by United States Power Squadrons® (USPS) under a grant from the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund administered by the U.S. Coast Guard.

As the premier boating organization dedicated to “Safe Boating through Education” since 1914, USPS is America’s Boating Club® -- For Boaters, By Boaters™.

America’s Boating Channel partners with BoatUS and is cosponsored by Discover Boating with a contribution from Weems & Plath.

The US Sailing Team is managed by the United States Sailing Association (US Sailing), the national governing body for the sport of sailing and sailboat racing.

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