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The Elegy of the raped Children: A theory about the dark secrets of pedophiles. ISBN-10: 1516984528 ISBN-13: 978-1516984527

29.01.2016 09:00:06 - About the Book The Elegy of the raped Children: A theory about the dark secrets of pedophiles. A book by Scriptorius Stefanos Sidiropoulos.


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Scriptorius Stefanos Sidiropoulos is the first writer from Germany who declares loud and clear in few sentences, what makes pedophilia dangerous. In his book, The Elegy of the raped Children, the writer explains in a empirically way why pedophilia, earned as a sexual orientation, no tolerance.

A terrible development prevails in Europe and the situation in Germany is very bad. Some politicians and private organizations are trying to create a new form of society and law. But the background hides many side effects. And one of the worst side effects is the tolerance of all sexual orientations, without exception pedophilia. A other terrible fact is, if someone makes tax evasion in Germany, he goes 15 years to jail. A pedophile is for 2 years in prison and comes after in psychiatry and lives a life at the expense of taxpayers. The reason for such a weak penalty, is because most pedophiles are classified as not responsible for one's actions they get also a resocialization. No news and no newspaper reported about the victims.

Children are innocent and beautiful. But there are people who use this kind of innocence and beauty to make the children in to real tools of sexual satisfaction. Just as the writer in his book says, pedophilia is a form of sexual egomania, it is all about the will of the pedophile. Because at the moment where the pedophile tries to bring the child to doing sexual acts, the pedophile must affect the child by manipulation and fear.

For the writer it is important to bring analysis who has important information for the public, the police, child-protection organizations and for parents who truly love their children.
The writer hopes that his small work can be a good help because it's made the writer very important information to the public.

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The Elegy of the raped Children
A theory about the dark secrets of pedophiles
Scriptorius Stefanos Sidiropoulos
ISBN-10: 1516984528
ISBN-13: 978-1516984527

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