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Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic is situated in the lovely Black Forest of Southern Germany, and offers a range of personalised treatment strategies tailored to meet the patient´s individual needs as part of a comprehensive and holistic treatment program.
Our mission is to design a personalized treatment plan for every patient.

Hallwang Clinic Private Oncology

The Hallwang Clinic is one of the leading establishments in integrated cancer therapy. Working with state-of-the-art technology, we are able to identify early signs of disease, and deliver targeted treatment. In addition, we have a broad range of experience in hematology, oncology, internal medicine and preventive medicine.

Once we have established a person’s individual genetic profile, we can proceed to a targeted treatment. Based on various tests, we design an individual treatment strategy including targeted antibodies, vaccination-strategies, chemotherapy and natural substances.

We at the Hallwang Clinic think that a relationship based on trust between doctor and patient is essential. It is created by personal discussion and careful clarification of Information.

The Hallwang Clinic offers 16 spacious single and twin bed rooms, with modern furnishings, some with balcony and a wonderful view of the enchanting natural surroundings. There is a generously dimensioned suite available on the top floor. All rooms and the suite are pleasantly light and airy, and all have large bathrooms. Each room has flat-screen tv, telephone and wi-fi connection. You are welcome to use our fitness room and physiotherapy department at any time at the Hallwang Clinic.

In order to achieve the best possible outcomes, we at the Hallwang Clinic are here to devise and implement an individual therapy plan for you. Treatment is carried out by a multidisciplinary team in cooperation with highly specialized doctors in human genetics, with immunologists, oncologists, radiologists, and dieticians/nutritionists. This treatment plan is supplemented by psychotherapeutic support and in-house physiotherapy.

Hallwang Clinic professional team

At the Hallwang Clinic, a professional team of nurses looks after you throughout your treatment. They act as your contact for anything you need, and create an atmosphere where you feel completely comfortable, and totally confident that you are in good hands. All our staff is dedicated to making your stay with us as pleasant as possible at the Hallwang Clinic.

We at the Hallwang Clinic attach great importance to a lovingly care in pleasant surroundings. A healthy lifestyle is very important. We take pride in our fresh and healthy food. To the greatest possible extent, we use produce that is sourced locally, which is lovingly prepared in our modern kitchens, always giving maximum consideration to nutritional values. And we don‘t not forget that we eat with our eyes, too. Meals are served in pleasant surroundings.

The Hallwang Clinic is a place of wellbeing. All year round, there is always something new to experience and discover.


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