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Platune is a development company in the areas of sport and luxury automobile construction, yacht construction, tuning, hybrid technology and LED technology.
Platune combines design, technology and luxury in order to create unique products in the high price segment, in short: Platune luxury starts where premium stops. All the way at the top.

“We are unique in design; we would like to polarize, to arouse reactions. A Platune product is more a piece of art than a product.

777 is the New Lucky Number

Clearly, RENNTECH has come of age since its formation in 1989, as the company soon
advanced to one of the world’s premier tuning firms and the foremost authority on Mercedes-
Benz performance tuning. This year, it is time to celebrate RENNTECH’s 20th anniversary and to honor the company’s incredible accomplishments of the last two decades.

With that being said, the company relied , once more, on the exclusive expertise of Platune to design and eventually release a small number of extreme, limited edition performance vehicles in order to commemorate this year with a proper celebration. And the newly designed 777hp marks the beginning of a great year. Even RENNTECH’s president Hartmut Feyhl cannot hide his excitement over the company’s new mission and the first of the newly constructed models: “The 777 will be a very special car. The first example is being built now and will be ready in the spring. We intend to build a few different extreme vehicles like this for our 20th anniversary, with each one being strictly limited to 20 units. They are all very exiting projects, and we will be announcing them throughout the year, as they approach completion.”

Last year, it was rather coincidental for RENNTECH to release a 695hp performance package for the 65 serious AMG cars, stating that the HP War is Not Over. This year, however, the strong and exclusive 777hp becomes the new lucky number. It is not only remarkable that this inimitable model utilizes the advanced carbon fiber chassis of the SLR McLaren, but the vehicle can be described as the street-legal version of the McLaren F1; one can see clearly that the newly designed frontend is inspired by the DTM and GT series, and that the big diffuser on the rear intends to create a more masculine and imposing look. Furthermore, RENNTECH heavily revised the SLR McLaren bodywork and aero package, benefitting from some of the same technology the company used to develop the GLK Hybrid Rally Racer for Mercedes-Benz. This included, for example, advanced CFD software to develop the aerodynamics for improved downforce. Thus, even with the big wing, splitters, and skirts, the new 777hp is capable of accelerating well above 210 mph.

Yet, there is more to come. RENNTECH successfully revised the 5.5 L supercharged
“Kompressor” v8 engine, with internal as well as external performance upgrades and a more
productive cooling system. And lastly, getting that power to the ground is the job of a fully
redesigned suspension and driveline, with a heavily reinforced transmission sending power to RENNTECH's revolutionary new limited-slip differential. Built for RENNTECH by Japanese supplier OS Giken, the recently-released differential allows for 100% locking between the drive wheels for unsurpassed mid-corner traction. In addition to that, aggressive Nitto NT-05 ultrahigh performance tires wrapped around extremely lightweight, 1 pc. center-locking wheels round out the street -legal handling package. Thus, no other car could initiate RENNTECH’s 20th anniversary better than the all new 777hp, for it marks the beginning of a sparkling and delightful car season, in which exclusiveness meets perfection, yet once again.


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