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01.08.2016 14:32:43 - The detailed product page offers complete information about the selected mobile, smartphone and tablet along with various high end features to help customers make a smart buying decision.


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Mobikart is consistently at the forefront of innovation, using digital technology to create simplified purchasing experiences. Keeping this in mind, the company launched a detailed product page on their website to offer complete data about every smartphone and tablets available in India. The page has been built and designed in-house on an entirely new platform with a refreshed visual design.

The Product detail page has a responsive design and is optimized for all mobile devices and tablets. It not only helps users make intelligent buying decisions but also offers a great shopping experience through a variety of features and resources. The page includes in depth specifications for every gadget and best price from top ten online stores. You can also find a Mobikart score that rates a smartphone based on price and specifications. The development team has also listed top Local dealers, Video Review about phone, historic price trends, and comparison with other popular brands. Share and commenting features have also being enabled for mobile phones that you view. You also have the liberty to explore popular mobiles from other brands as well as compare different mobiles or tablets. Other highlights of the page are mobile protection purchase for device and price drop alert emails.

A key focus of the new page is to offer best and lowest price fetched from various online and offline stores, every detailed specifications of phone and local dealers for the gadget. Owing to these features the site currently attracts thousands of unique customers everyday.

Ruturaj Pradeep Kohok, the CEO & Founder of Mobikart said: "The usage of smartphone and tablets will only continue to bloom. Everyday, there will be multiple brands offering innumerable devices. It shall become difficult for users to find the best device from such large Smartphone pool. Our website allows easy mobile comparison of various Smartphone, tablets, accessories, etc. The product detail page highlights every possible specs and other information that a user desires before making a purchase decision. We have tried to impart the best possible and simplified shopping experience for our customers.

"The future of the web is mobile," says Nitin Nagar, the CTO & CO-Founder. "Our new product page will help users to reach their needs faster. The refreshed and simplified design will enable them to get quick glance of the phone features, improvements and updates. Our aim is to give our users the best experience and lowest price."

Future Upgrades
The ultimate goal of Mobikart is to make your buying decisions easy and smart. Customers will soon witness addition of more product categories like Mobile Accessories, Wearable Devices and Laptops. The development team is working hard for development of Mobikart app. In order to achieve the vision for a complete mobile ecosystem, here are some more features that will be added to the site - reselling phones, directory for local stores / dealers, get loans for devices one wishes to buy, extended warranty, mobile insurances, mobile antivirus and protection, and much more at your service. Please visit today and share your valuable feedback about the site and the detailed product page.

About Mobikart
Mobikart is an ecosystem for everything mobile. Our vision is to become a one stop destination for all mobile needs. It's a place where users can visit and find everything about mobiles, products related to mobiles, compare and buy from top stores online and offline.



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