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ISG-Group starts production for new windtunnel in Poland

30.08.2016 16:03:39 - Gladbeck, 30. August 2016. Indoor Skydiving Germany Group (ISG), German manufacturer of high performance freefall simulators, has started production for its second windtunnel in Poland


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ISG-Group which is specialized on windtunnels with a unique high quality airflow generating system, is happy to anounce the sale of a new windtunnel for installation in Katowice, Poland. ISG now started production for the windtunnel which is planned to open in 2017.

This will be the second ISG windtunnel in Poland with a 14ft flight chamber. The first ISG windtunnel was opened in Warsaw in 2014 by the same customer and is successfully operating since then.

Boris Nebe, managing partner of ISG-Group: “We take it as a compliment for our technology and a confirmation of customer satisfaction that all customers who chose ISG on their first project have also selected ISG for any further windtunnel project instead of any of our competitors."

The windtunnel technology of ISG-Group was developed in cooperation with the aerospace department of the Technical University of Berlin and other aeronautical engineering companies and is internationally recognized for its energy efficiency, safety and airflow quality. The first reference facility opened in 2009 in Bottrop, Germany (Indoor Skydiving Bottrop GmbH – Since then ISG-Group has built and started multiple wind tunnel facilities for customers; many additional projects are in construction or planning phase.

About ISG-Group:
Driven by mankind’s dream of flight, ISG-Group delivers and builds vertical wind tunnels for freefall simulation for the sport of indoor skydiving and the entertainment market. The high performance facilities of ISG-Group are used also as professional training facilities for skydivers and military freefall units. In addition to that they also deliver a new experience to the entertainment market. The founders of this company developed in the recent years the most advanced and most silent vertical wind tunnel technology. It is internationally recognized for its energy efficiency, design, safety and airflow quality. Managing Director is Boris Nebe, the headquarter is in Gladbeck, Germany. Information under

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