Your Logo Deserves To Be a Killer with These 06 Must-Follow Design Tips

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( - No matter how mechanized or out of squash is your industry; a general rule of thumb is to devise a simplistic logo design .The most obvious reason: becux it makes your people remember you!

Innovative digi-sets can be produced out of every third brand or industry guru but ,what more challenging is to produce a logo that is exceptionally simple yet


amazingly speako ‘-Yes , have the power to stay in the minds of your target consumers for years & a reason to stare back for those to-be loyal butterflies..

But ‘simplicity’ is only the better half when it comes to corporate logo designing; the rest of the three semis are: uniqueness factor, brand colors & visuals that can create an appeal.

You must have heard enough of what they say about first impression myth. Well, similar is the rule goes for logo designing too. ..’How can you expect your customers to remember you at

nights when they don’t know you properly?’ ……..This makes your corporate logo branding an integral & undeniable crust of your marketing effort.

Now you don’t need to invest hard in order to get a killer logo for your business to make distinct; the 06 tips at your footer will get you achieve this goal for whether you are a designer or business owner, shrugs!...

1.Capture the spirit of your brand

Vero Water branding & logo by Jacob Cass.

Your brand carries a unique history & values that it can’t compromise upon - something that defines its present, or soon -will. Everything that you want your logo to speak to your mass about you.

For example, if you want a logo for your baby company that produces gleaming water, you may want to ponder more over product’s physical features like: energizing, hydrating, and calming capabilities with hygiene factor as above.

Moreover, the colors also play a pivotal role in connecting your logo with your customers & thereby building the essence of your brand

For example, for a sparkling water company, a blue logo would appeal more t convey that brand message of healthy water or the power of this God Almighty‘s gifted blessing.

In clear terms, your logo color choice must not be a decision to be taken randomly & should mean something ‘special’. Don’t forget to pen done any ideas bubbling up into your mind for always a great logo design session starts with brainstorming.

Columbia Farmers Market logo design by SDKY

The science of color is called ‘color psychology’ that explores the true meanings of colors & how people perceive it worldwide.

As per recent insights from color psychologists, green symbolizes security & well-being, blue tells more about calmness, nature, health, and freshness; the most enticing option for food companies to go for while; yellow is a color of innovation ,tech & optimism & black symbolizes class, confidence & wisdom but be careful while using white-less theme as it also implies death!

3.Ahan! Don’t be a ‘copycat’!

Getting your logo labeled as a ‘copycat ‘could be the ever worse thing that can happen with a designer or a marketer.

Spaced out from the copyright issues, the viewers still find it hard to differentiate your pet from others because it reminds them of the same & this confusion isn’t good for you.

Off course, there are endless logos popping up day & night in Internet world with some of those resembling to your ‘cup of fame’ or your own being similar with many of those. Try to better perform an Internet or trademark search to verify if someone else already has gun-shot a similar logo idea before you even thought of producing the one for you.

P.S: Offer a trillion thanks to God Almighty for not showing up in case.

Calmly proceed to next step!

4.Simplicity is the ‘key’

Apple, Nike, Microsoft, Audi to name a few are some of the perfect iconic logos of their times, we can recall most instantly.

What made us recognized & name them so- sudden out of those millions of logos that we have seen so far till today, is their simple yet unique features- the layout & typeface!

The most important thing is to be recognizable easily & the above classics fulfill this criterion.

Keep your logo as simple with elements like; circles, lines, rings, as possible ,with no distracting features like; those absurd concepts . But, don’t discount-off on creativity when doing so.

5. Use the right font(s)

Don’t get over-whelmed by those tricky fonts to tempt you for your first logo. They are simply an allusion. Whenever you go for a font-pick for your business logo then, follow these main categories only:

First, Serif FONT-TYPE goes with logo having a more traditional theme.
Second, Sans-Serif goes perfect with modern kicks.
Third, Script is highly recommended if you want your logo to be more freedom-ized or formal depending on the type of typeface.

Other than a careful typeface decision, you should also remember to make your logo an all-rounder to adapt well with the surroundings; especially coupling up correctly with other compatible fonts.

For example, if you own a travel-related retail outlet then, you may wish to consider a hand- written script. If you are that traditional mind-setter, then paint your logo with a Serif font or else, for your innovative product assortment, a Sans-Serif might be a nice idea.

“Understanding the power of typography in logo design is crucial to success.”

6.How about an “active” logo this time?

In order to get an active logo example, no need to look forward because it’s all just a tweet away! Yes, we are talking about that chirpy lady ‘blue –bird’ that sill looks hot & not in any way lesser than a walkie -talkie.

Creaming out an active logo in terms of animation is a wise strategy-tip overtaken by many companies with majority being profiting still like Twitter.

Earlier versions of the logo were used to be little subtle but, the later ones enjoyed more digital evolutions by the bird itself as you can see the above pictorial ; starting from a more passive standing towards a more take-off flight mode .

The latest logo released was the bird scattering feathers to belly-up high in the sky

If you to plan an active mode for your logo then, try making your object go move. For example, an Olympic brand may use a spinning ball or have a line to convey motion with emotions.Your consumers would unconsciously get involved into your brand for sure this time. are your dream logo business designers for your custom logos for every start-up , senior or intermediate business to catch up fame in industry & market .Get connected with our professional logo designers today .Our God Almighty’s-gifted logo designers know the industry!

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