World's First Comprehensive Search Portal for Dance Schools Launched

14.11.2017 20:39:20 - Dance Nexus launches the world's largest search portal for dance studios and instructors. The vision of this easy-to-use and comprehensive website is to encourage more people to take on dancing - a proven way to better quality of life

(live-PR.com) - Dance Nexus has launched a new online search portal available at dancenex.com. It is the first easy-to-use and comprehensive service in the world targeted at people specifically interested in dancing, that greatly simplifies search and selection of a dance school. Dance Nexus caters to the needs of dancers who are in search of a new school, of dance studios and


individual instructors who can use the portal to enhance their online presence, as well as anyone interested in dancing. The vision of the founders is to encourage more people to take on dancing - a proven way to a better quality of life - through making search effortless and fast.

This crowdsourced website enables its users to search and choose dance studios or individual instructors based on dance styles and locations. Upon registration, users can leave comments and reviews. The studio owners, in turn, can employ the portal’s attractive and user-friendly tools to claim existing listings or create new ones, edit details, add photos and videos. Complete and up-to-date profiles constitute a powerful marketing tool for promoting the studios and finding new customers. Still in its early days, the portal already lists nearly 40 000 of estimated total 60 000 dance schools worldwide offering instruction in a wide variety of dance styles from ballet and jazz through ballroom and hip-hop, and up to Irish or belly dancing. Dance Nexus is completely free of charge both for schools and for students, and works with any screen size and browser.

The powerful and yet easy to use portal focuses on relieving customers from a tedious process of endlessly checking individual websites of each dance school in an attempt to find its address and timetable. In the coming months, Dance Nexus plans to add an interactive schedule and a booking functionality. The studios will also receive an opportunity make use of additional, fee-based resources aimed to increase their visibility - such as promotion in the monthly newsletter, or placement in the featured section of the website.

And that’s not all. Beside the search, the new portal is also geared towards giving the dancing community access to information and guidance on matters concerning dancing in general, as well as psychology, biomechanics, and neuroscience of dance. Easy-to-read summaries of scientific research articles, motivational quotes, and descriptions of dance figures and moves from a broad range of styles are just some of the supplementary resources on the portal.

“Every piece of content of Dance Nexus reflects our commitment to promoting the idea of dance for all. Research has proven that dancing keeps your body and mind fit, improves memory, lifts the mood, helps to find new friends, and teaches partnering skills,” said Nadja Snegireva, the founder of the portal. “We strive to encourage more people to take on dancing by enabling a fast, easy and reliable search for any dance lesson, anywhere in the world. We are certain that the portal will also resonate well with dance instructors, as it provides support in finding new students.”

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Nadja Snegireva
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