Watch the Mummers Parade Live Streaming on New Year's Day 2018

Philadelphia Mummers Parade

29.12.2017 12:29:42 - Live streaming from Philadelphia of the famous Mummers Parade. Watch the whole event live online on new year's day, 1 January 2018.

(live-PR.com) - The Mummers Parade in Philadelphia is a new year's day tradition going back many years, a celebration that draws large crowds out onto the streets of Philadelphia for a huge new year party, with a cavalacade of bright colours, live music and entertainment.

The global reach of the Mummers Parade has been increased greatly in recent years by not only the


live TV coverage but also the addition of a live online stream, which means the parade can now be viewed live from anywhere in the world:

www.myworldevents.com/parade/mummers-philadelphi ..

Mummers Parade background:

The parade has been taking place for well over 100 years now, making it what is believed to be the oldest parade of it's kind anywhere in the United States. The origins of the parade can be traced back to the old mummers plays of medieval Great Britain, a tradition that was brought across the Atlantic with the early settlers, while there also elements of Carnival in the costumes and music that owe a great deal to the similar events in the Caribbean.

Television coverage if the parade has been around for a while but it is only with the addition of the live online webcast that the parade has truly reached aglobal audience, and is now one of the most well known and eagerly anticipated new year's day parades in the world.

The lineup for the parade consists of 4 main sections; String Bands, The Fancy Brigade, Wench Brigade and Comics, progressing in strict order along the parade route. The timing of the participants is crucial as it allows friends and family to line the route at the correct times to make sure they don't miss their favourites. This is akso helpful for those wanting to tune in to watch the live stream who maybe don't have the whole afternoon to spare.

The full lineup for the 2018 Mummers Parade is as follows:

String Bands

Greater Overbrook
Quaker City
South Philadelphia
Polish American
Greater Kensington
Durning Gear

Fancy Brigade

Shooting Stars
2nd Street Shooters
Purple Magic
Golden Crown
Satin Slipper

Wench Brigade

Jhj Saints
Cara Liom
Froggy Carr



The parade gets underway from 9.30 in the morning, and with various judging categories taking time across the day will continue right through the day and well into the evening. The TV broadcast does not end until 10pm in the evening.

The parade route has varied over the years, although the 2018 version is the same as last year, starting on Market Street and passing the main judging area outside the City Hall before ending at Broad Street and Washington Avenue. There are grandstands set up along the route to allow the best views, although these are ticketed so you need to plan in advance if you are planning to utilise them.

Elsewhere along the route there are plentiful viewing spots but with an attendance measured in the tend of thousands it is always advisable to make sure you arrive in plenty of time to secure an optimum viewing spot. The atmosphere of the parade is one of the things that keeps visitors returning year after year. We hope you enjoy the parade, whether visiting in person, watching live on TV or via the online stream. Happy New Year!

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