UK Singer Louieze Launches First Official Release with Video After Australians Devour Independent Single

Louieze Launches Official Single on Aardvark Records

11.09.2017 15:05:20 - Songwriter and singer Louieze, from near Bristol in the UK's south west, launched a single in 2008, which was voted for listeners of Australia's largest independent network of radio stations into the top ten World Independent Hits. Now she releases her official debut single.

(live-PR.com) - Louieze, born in Portishead near Bristol in the UK’s South West, was a keen artist as a child and covered endless reels of wallpaper with drawings.

The musical artists that have inspired Louieze reflect her passion for visual arts as well as music such as David Bowie and Kate Bush. Today, Louieze’s stereo is never without artists from Escobar, Yann


Tiersen, Talk Talk and Vangelis.

In January 2008, Louieze’s song Get Out lept into the top ten of the World Independent chart at number 9, which is voted for by listeners across the Australian Independent Radio Network ZXF Countrywide and she has reproduced the song for release next year. Years before, the first song Louieze wrote was inspired by the great mechanical and civil engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, whose engineering masterpiece SS Great Britain is a popular attraction in Bristol.

Louieze’s first single What Ya Doing was written in her room at the top of her house while gazing at the view out of the window. Louieze says: “I was feeling a little confused, trapped by life and sensual at the same time. A real mixture”.

Music took over her self-expression palette when she joined a band aged 23 as their keyboardist and backing vocalist and soon Louieze started to envisage performing her new songwriting. After numerous live gigs with the band, Louieze set out a home studio and started to record her own songs.

With a MIDI set up as well as various instruments, Louieze taught her self to play various instruments and to produce music. The resulting songs were written from her experiences, views, emotions and imagination. Live performances are planned for when Louieze is able to arrange a fully produced live set once her album is fully finished.

Louieze has been working in a studio to record her follow-ups to What Ya Doing and she says she gets a sense of elation when a song is finished. As well as self-producing at home, Louieze is working on her first album to follow her single releases.

Now signed to Aardvark Records after at least two other labels made offers, Louieze says: “I’m a singer songwriter and producer I write pop songs that have an edge with a slight commercial twist all my inspiration comes simply from emotions daydreaming and things that capture my imagination it could be as simple as a ray of sunshine coming through a window. I consider myself to be different I love many great artists however my influence comes from the elements of life as appose to another artist.
To launch her career as a signed artist with follow-up singles, Louieze uploaded her video on YouTube on 16th August 2017 and it has already had over 4,000 views and many likes. What Ya Doing is available to buy on CD via Kunaki and digital record sales such as iTunes and is going to be official released on 18th September 2017.

Here is the video to Louieze's Release What Ya Doing

Link to iTunes to buy the single
itunes.apple.com/gb/album/what-ya-doing-single/i ..

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