EU extends emergency border controls to tackle migration

UAE says Trump travel ban an internal US affair

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(live-PR.com) - Migration is security problem in Eurozone due to Syrian wars and radicals force the peaceful citizen to move to safer zone in search of better future.But with Elections in German,France and Italy the natives would like their preference in opportunities.Thus a globalisation has taken a backseat and the nationalism is the catch election issue for most of the most advance


zones of Europe,Migrants are entering from North Africa ,Arab, Central Asia to Western Asia.Thus in order to put strong vettings and other measures are being framed for the entry of migrants.

In US the US Donald Trump is also attacked by US media and other cosmopolitan and human right group for his strict adherence of vetting for migrants even to the Green card holders is creating chaos for the time being.However the Americanisation or nationalism is still to stay vanguard instead of Internalism.

Media reports thus for europe’s are:

Italy set up a fund to help African countries better seal their borders in a bid to keep migrants from boarding flimsy and often deadly rubber boats bound for Europe, the foreign minister said on Wednesday. Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano’s announcement of the €200-million ($216 million) fund comes two days before EU leaders meet in Malta to discuss their plan to stop African immigrants from arriving in Europe. A record 181,000 migrants reached Italy over the Mediterranean last year, most of them leaving from Libya where people smugglers operate with impunity. At the moment, Libya, Tunisia and Niger are the three “strategic” partners for the fund, Alfano said, but Nigeria, Senegal, Egypt and Ethiopia could be future partners.

EU envoys agreed on Wednesday to extend emergency border controls inside the bloc’s free-travel zone for another three months to mid-May. The Schengen zone of open borders collapsed as about 1.5 million refugees and migrants arrived in the bloc in 2015 and 2016, leaving the EU scrambling to ensure security and provide for the people. Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark and Norway started imposing the emergency border controls from September, 2015, and got the go-ahead on Wednesday to keep them in place for longer. Germany is all but certain to seek further extensions beyond that in the build-up to September 24 national elections.

President Donald Trump’s travel ban imposed on citizens of seven mainly Muslim countries was a sovereign decision for the US and not directed at any religion, United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdallah bin Zayed said Wednesday. Speaking at a joint news conference with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Abdallah also said the idea of safe zones in Syria would be welcome if they we
re to be temporary and for humanitarian purposes under international auspices. But he said Abu Dhabi wanted to hear more details from Washington before subscribing to the idea.

israeli police moved into an outpost in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday to remove settlers who Israel’s Supreme Court ruled have been living illegally on privately owned Palestinian land. Settlers and dozens of pro-settlement activists who flocked to the Amona outpost to protest against the evacuation burned tires and piled makeshift barricades at its entrance. There was no immediate violence as columns of unarmed police walked towards prefabricated homes where some 330 settlers live. Hours before the police operation, Israel announced plans for 3,000 more settlement homes in the West Bank, the third such declaration in eleven days since US President Donald Trump took office.

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