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Tips For Teaching Site Words Through Reading With Struggling Readers

16.04.2019 22:56:11 - If you are a parent who homeschoolís their children you are probably constantly on the lookout for ways to help your child to learn their sight words.

( - In public schools many teachers choose to teach the sight words separately. They usually have a weekly list that they go over with their students, and this includes spelling. Some parents however have found that there are other ways to help their child learn important sight words. Especially for those children who do not like to read. Below you will


find a few tips for helping them learn to read sight words through books.

Note reading is an essential skill for todayís musicians. Learning to read music, though, can be a tedious journey in spite of its importance. Teaching note reading to younger beginners is especially challenging because of their short attention spans, their bodyís need to move, and their reading levels. A positive attitude on the teacherís part can go far in inspiring students to learn their notes. Some simple tips for teaching note reading can help, too.

Introduce the grand staff first. Iíve noticed that students who learn music with pre-reading exercises (i.e., with finger numbers attached to notes that are NOT on the staff) have trouble making the jump from notes that arenít on the staff to notes that are on the staff. Even when the only thing that changes is the addition of the grand staff, it can still confuse even the most avid young musician. Taking the time to introduce the grand staff by itself first can make a big difference in the studentís ability to understand the notes.

Age appropriate books

At your local library or at your local yard sale you may be able to find plenty of age appropriate books. First level easy readers are perfect for young children just learning to read. You can start by reading the stories to your children, and point out the easy words to them. You can also try visiting you local book store to see if they have any sales or bargains on books for your children. Having plenty of books in the house is really a great way to get your child to develop a love of reading.

Highlight the simple words

Simple words include two letter and three letter words. For one week you can focus on just one or two words. If you read the story once or even twice a day, pointing to these key words, they will usually be able to pick it up in no time.

Develop a love of books before spelling

It is really not necessary to focus on spelling with your young child until after they have really started to develop a love of books. Unfortunately this is often lost in many schools. Because so much is forced on young children early they usually end up hating school. As you read a story to your child really focus on trying to make the story come alive, and make it fun. You can even have your child act out some of the scenes in the story with you. The spelling part will come later after they have really started to enjoy their books.

Have them make their own story

After reading to them for several weeks, or months (this can vary depending on individual progress), you can then help them to create their own story. This is a great way to help them learn their sight words, and to be creative at the same time. Allow them to be creative with their spelling at first to keep it fun, and then as they make progress you can begin to correct the spelling.

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