The Snom A190 multicell DECT headset: seamless handover and roaming for your ears

Snom A190 DECT headset

22.11.2019 14:59:25 -

( - Snom, the international manufacturer of IP telephones, presents the A190 cordless multicell DECT headset that enables seamless handover and roaming performances in DECT multicell installations. Together with the recently introduced M900 base station, users now have a complete and powerful solution at their fingertips.

The showroom is a few floors up, the production hall is across the courtyard: anyone who


has to move around a lot whilst at work needs to always be available over the phone – both for customers and colleagues. In such cases, metal doors, concrete ceilings or other structural challenges might compromise the transmission quality. Similarly, employees who want or need to have their hands free must rely on a solution that goes beyond cordless IP phones.

To meet all these needs, Snom Technology GmbH offers the new, elegant A190 DECT headset – the perfect solution for smooth multicell telephoning with outstanding performances even in architecturally challenging buildings, in large open areas or in huge buildings with several thousand users.

The Snom A190 headset boasts an excellent broadband sound with background noise and echo cancellation. Two different modes are available: an extension can be configured on the A190 (stand-alone mode) or it can be shared by the A190 and a Snom DECT phone (paired mode). With an indoor range of up to 50 meters and up to 300 meters outdoors, the A190 headset offers up to 7-hours talk time thanks to integrated lithium-ion batteries. When the battery is about to run out, the user is promptly informed by a voice message.

The A190 cordless multicell DECT headset is compatible with Snom's M Series base stations and is now available for just € 148.00 (RRP).

About Snom:
Snom is an international premium manufacturer of professional and business IP phones that debuted in 1997 as the pioneer for Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology in Berlin, Germany. Within two decades, Snom developed into an internationally renowned brand for innovative telephony solutions.
The company’s success story rests upon two crucial cornerstones: first-class technology and local know-how. As per their motto, ”We believe in local management”, Snom currently maintains local branches in eight countries. Divisions including software and hardware development, quality management, interop, and marketing, are located in their Berlin headquarters.
Another important factor of success is the company’s approach to offer tailor-made products and solutions. From displays and phones with Hebrew characters, to customised devices for large vendors like Vodafone; Snom products are designed to suit the needs of various groups of customers.
Snom’s impressive product portfolio complies with current European safety standards.
The IP desk, conference and DECT phones by Snom come with a variety of functionalities and high-end audio quality, which feature up to 27 languages, depending on the model. Completing their selection, Snom also offers a wide choice of accessories, like headsets and other expansion modules. A three year warranty is included for all devices.
In addition, Snom’s customers and partners benefit from attractive loyalty programmes and varying service plans. By combining such personal service with excellent technology, Snom has been able to develop a close and trusting cooperation that has benefited their overall premium image.
Since 2016, Snom has been part of the VTech group, which is the world’s leading supplier of cordless phones.
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