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The Louvre Chatbot Guide - a new way to engage with artworks

08.10.2018 18:56:36 - Machine-learning start-up WaveMining is changing the way museum visitors can engage with artworks with their latest app: Louvre Chatbot Guide, which tells original and entertaining stories!

( - Machine-learning start-up WaveMining is changing the way museum visitors can engage with artworks with their latest app: Louvre Chatbot Guide. This is thanks to their unique ability to host a chatbot in native apps. This means that visitors are not required to use the Facebook Messenger platform to enjoy the content, and do not require an internet connection.

In the form


of a chatbot, the cutest owl you’ve ever seen tells you stories about the various pieces of art in The Louvre: from the Mona Lisa to the Venus de Milo. This contrasts with traditional museum content, which tends to be more fact based. The new chatbot medium blends conversation with images and gifs to make the content more exciting.

Finally, it makes it possible for deaf or hard-of-hearing people to have an entertaining alternative to audio-guides.

The app is available for free on iOS and Android platforms, in four languages (English, French, Simplified Chinese, Spanish). Additionally, the company will be releasing a lightweight version of the app for Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack and the web.

App Store:
Play Store:

Who are we? Great relationships start with memorable conversations... That's why our main purpose is to provide bots with addictive conversational skills. We have created a unique database of messages used by 1,000,000 app users around the world. Our machine learning environment analyses how those users communicate feelings and intents by using those carefully crafted message ideas. We then assemble the messages into conversations that match a user's communication style, personality traits, mood and interests.

In other words, we start with content from talented authors, see how people use it all over the world, and provide that knowledge to your bot. It’s like writing lines, dialogs and scenarios for a movie that adapts to personality traits and context using machine learning.

The result is simple: non boring bots (at last).
For all messaging platforms, and as native chatbots for Android and iOS apps.

Your bot could be a:
- Guide: Help navigate a new environment through narratives and resources
- Companion: Provide support. Asks questions. Makes suggestions.
- Coach: Help reach goals through nudges, routines, tips and follow-ups
- Entertainer: Promote the fun side of things through information and stories
- Brand representative: Communicate values, stories and news
- Adviser: Make relevant questions and answers emerge. Advise. Sell.

What is so special about our bots?
- They have great things to say: who likes friends with nothing to say?
- They adapt to personality traits: what is exciting and amusing to one person can be improper for the next
- They adapt to culture: would a Japanese woman and a Mexican teenager enjoy the same conversation?
- They feel the mood your are in: entertain and comfort people or having a good laugh and kind messages can go a long way
- They allow you to get to know users: personal conversations allow relevant questions to emerge
- They make helpful suggestions: help users find ideas, resources, poems, services, products, people, places or new interests
Come check our portfolio on our website if you are interested.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information, we would be glad to answer your questions.

Contact information:

20 Ropemaker Street

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Digital Marketing Manager
Phone: +33630608502
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