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21st Art Fair Zurich with event-performance by JfR

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11.09.2019 22:18:05 - RELIQUIAE - Does art have any meaning?
The new event performance by JfR at the 21st Art Fair from 26 to 29 September 2019 in Zurich (Giessereihalle Puls 5).

( - Event:
21st Contemporary Art Fair
26 - 29 September 2019
Puls 5, Zurich / Switzerland

Jean-François Réveillard aka JfR (Engelberg, Switzerland) likes to define himself as a cross-media picture maker. His work always revolves around a central theme with strong statements.
He is influenced by philosophy and modern life. His creations use the latest techniques, but always remain grounded.
Jf Réveillard applied


new technologies to his works early in the 1980s and launched one of the first European WebTv and digital TV studios in 1997.
At the fair, the artist will present his cutting-edge multimedia installation RELIQUIAE 2019, which deals with a dystopia in which humans download their consciousness in dream-like forms. The already lost state of nature disappears completely and exists only through relics (remnants) that are maintained by machines.
JfR poses the question of the traces that our existence and civilizations will leave behind. He refers to the challenge and role of art to guarantee permanence and sustainability. Does art have any meaning as a message or merely as an artifact in a future in which man is gradually losing his place on the planet?

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The fair:
Every year, ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH offers ample space for personal contacts, sales and cultural exchange - for art professionals and all people interested in art.
With international exhibitors, ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH is once again transforming the historic foundry hall PULS 5 into an impressive art palace.
At ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH you will experience works of art from the fields of painting, sculpture and photography as well as multimedia and installation. Figurative and abstract, conceptual and spontaneous works are presented in small to large formats.
ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH has always been a forum with the aim of making contemporary art accessible to a broad public. At ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH you can admire and acquire breath-taking works and establish exciting connections. This art fair presents a varied series of artistic concepts in an exhibition dedicated entirely to dialogue.
The annual art fair offers an interdisciplinary exhibition space and an interactive meeting place for gallery owners, collectors, artists and a public interested in art. With its internationality, quality and diversity, the ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH art fair has become the favourite of the public. For many visitors, it is a fixed date on their calendar. As in previous years, we expect exhibitors and visitors from Switzerland and all over the world. ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH is an event not to be missed.
Art fairs are good for discoveries; but with its innovative exhibition concept, ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH also creates new approaches for the art fair of the future. Thus, even away from the appealing white cube stands, you will find successful and personal art presentations here. This trade fair concept of experience spaces has future potential and stands for the change in the exhibition industry.
The works of art at the art fair are as diverse and fascinating as the artists themselves, who are often personally present. The high halls give this fair a touch of museum, where visitors enter into an inner dialogue with the works of art.

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Short text:
The 21st Art Fair ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH opens in the Puls 5 (Giessereihalle) Zurich, September 26-29, 2019, day ticket: CHF 20.-/10.- ( / Info:

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