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SoPhoto Agency’s brand-new platform endeavor to play an important role in the photo business.

09.04.2018 16:04:26 -

( - SoPhoto Agency is run since 2016 by a couple of passionate photography lovers in Stockholm, with four decades experience in the photo business. With a genuine interest for photography and features they want to be a boutique agency with a number of handpicked rights for editorial and commercial use.

Now they are launching their new website for images and features. Representing


premium brands as August Images, Bauer/ACP, Figaro, Kintzing, Living4Media, Marie-Claire, Media Drum, Licensing Project, Seasons and StockFood, it was a challenge to create a brand new platform that could handle not only hi-end images but also features in a simple to survey and attractive way.

Johan Rosengren, one of SoPhoto Agency’s founders, said:“Choosing MomaPIX as a partner in developing the site was an easy decision. We manage to create a fantastic platform together. They have made many of the premium-agencies platforms that are existing today, with a top-tech knowledge and a humble attitude towards clients needs.

We love syndicated features and see a great potential in the changing media landscape. A publication can use an already made feature in its content, this is a true win-win situation for all parts. We believe that the new platform will be attractive for many clients.

We endeavor to provide a one-stop service for press and media with ready material.”

SoPhoto Agency wants to be a source for inspiration and will be an agency that will always be there for the clients demand of photo and features.

Check the new site at

MomaSOFT is a software company that specializes in the development of Digital Asset Management solutions for photo agencies and companies. With over 10 years of experience and hundreds of customers, it is the first company in this field in Italy and is steadily growing abroad.
MomaPIX is a Digital Asset Management software for photo agencies, companies and professional photographers. With more than 60 photo agencies and a growing number of companies,
it is the leader product in its field in Italy.

MomaPIX has a young and enthusiastic team, equipped with specific skills in the field of software development for archiving, online selling and advanced web solutions use. All our servers are fast, secure and reliable. You can choose the solution most suitable
to your needs without worrying about technical details.

- Web migration of photos and videos archives with search engine and workflow operations definition
- Organization of images and existing metadata working with you to reorganize your assets and Thesaurus use
- Data security, hardware architecture and backup
- Customization

We offer a qualified pre and after sales service. Our technical team constantly monitor all services offered so that we can immediately intervene in case of problems or clients support requests.
We answer clients by phone or by email 24/24h, if there are any problems with hardware. We try, where possible, to answer all support communications regarding software within 6 hours.

Our staff has many years of experience in digital archive migration, starting from outdated application and databases. We can import existing pictures and metadata while suggesting optimal data reorganization to that end.

Contact information:

Via Alberto da Giussano 62D

Contact Person:

eMail: eMail


Ornella Caradonna


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