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When the price is right we are able to put to the test exactly how good a house cleaning service can really be. Bowie House Cleaning Service takes pride in being at the top of the list when it comes to cleanliness; not to mention comparable prices and reputable cleaning services. Having a clean house


always is something that we all strive to achieve each day. Some of us more so than others when it comes to organization, clutter, dishes in the sink, etc. Cleaning takes a back seat when we are steadily working full-time jobs, taking care of children, family, spouse, cooking every day, and living our lives etc. All of those reasons could certainly play a part in how much energy we have left to clean. Instead of stressing and feeling overwhelmed there are housekeeping companies that can do the job for you and I would highly recommend Bowie House Cleaning Services. Most of the time the reason why we do not look into acquiring house cleaning services is because the rates can be quite costly. After further investigating those house cleaning companies near me; I found Bowie House Cleaning to be the most effective and affordable. Their skills and cleaning ability is providing remarkable results and they are very discreet and friendly as well. When selecting a cleaning service to come into our homes we should vet them thoroughly; you can’t just let anybody come into your home and scope out all of your most valuable possessions. We all want clean and presentable homes but at what cost? A service that will take care of your most important assets with confidentiality above anything else is a service to be saved and treasured. Bowie House Cleaning takes immense pride in the level of security, attention to detail and meticulousness of their work.

“I rely on Bowie House Cleaning Services for cleaning once a week. The results they bring to my home are undeniable and they are always on time. I have recommended them too many friends and don’t hesitate to suggest their services to anyone looking for a high quality cleaning company in the city.”

– Clark T.

They also use green/eco-friendly cleaning products for specialty cleaning such as: leather, stainless steel, granite countertops, hardwood/laminate floors and wood furniture. Indoor air quality is a major concern for most households, building managers and tenants; it can impact the health, comfort, well-being and productivity of those who live in them. People with asthma, allergies, even lung disease can be greatly affected by poor indoor air quality. Not only does Bowie House Cleaning Service provide their clients with affordable and dependable cleaning services they also offer maintenance and upkeep taking pride in achieving that sparkling effect of a good clean home. Not only is Bowie House Cleaning professional they clean above and beyond along with the traditional cleaning of windows, fireplaces, ovens, refrigerators, high shelves and ceilings. Cleaning could also include ducts, vents, gutters and roofs.

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Bowie House Cleaning Services
12138 Central Avenue, Suite 859
Bowie, MD 20721
(240) 986-3117

Contact information:
Bowie House Cleaning Services

12138 Central Avenue, Suite 859
c/o LAC Enterprises, LLC

Contact Person:
LaToya Campbell
Lead Generator
Phone: 2409863117
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LaToya Campbell
Phone: 2409863117


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