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RGIT Australia Conducts HR Seminar for Business Students

11.06.2019 08:51:58 - Royal Gurkha Institute of Technology or RGIT is one of the leading vocational and training colleges in Australia. At two sprawling campuses located in Melbourne CBD and Hobart, we offer a variety of vocational courses in nursing, community services, childcare, business management, hospitality and information technology.

( - RGIT college conducted a HR seminar for business and management students on 5 February, 2019. The three vital human resource processes –recruitment, selection, and induction – were discussed in the class.

RGIT is one of Australia’s leading vocational education and training institutions. The institute is known for offering high-quality and cost-effective vocational education and training programs that are tailored to students’


needs. RGIT Australia’s objective is to provide students with quality training programs to enhance students’ knowledge, develop their skills, and increase their competency. RGIT recently conducted a HR seminar for business and management students. The seminar was hosted on Tuesday, 5 February 2019. The Human Resources Department of RGIT had teamed up with the institute’s Business and Management Faculty to organise the the Human Resources seminar for business and management students. The main themes of the seminar were recruitment, selection, and induction processes based on the staffing function of management. The seminar was successful and the trainers provided excellent practical sessions for the students.

RGIT is a renowned business and management institute in Australia. The academic and management teams provide the most suitable learning environment for the students. The students who successfully complete their graduation from this college get a golden opportunity to become part of the relevant workforce. The students, who do not intend to join the workforce, can opt to continue their higher studies to achieve their educational and career goals. The professional team of qualified managers, experienced staff and trainers at RGIT are committed to providing the best educational platform to the business and management students. The institution is led by a dedicated team who provide from basic to sophisticated VET and Human Resource training that complies with the current industry requirements.

The practical session of the HR seminar conducted on Tuesday involved discussions as well as role play. The best part about this training that students particularly liked the most was the practical session that helped students learn the staffing and recruiting practices embraced by RGIT itself. Some of the vital factors that this Human resource seminar focused on were the issues that have an influence on the overall staffing processes, including the recruitment and selection part, the role played by managers, supervisors, and other staff members in the recruitment and selection process of the employees as well as team members, and the role of the human resource department in listing, evaluating, and selection processes.

RGIT has three campuses in Melbourne and Hobart. The HR seminar was organised at the Melbourne campus but the institute also invited the business and management students from Hobart campus to join the practical lessons through teleconference. This helped the management students of both the campus to attend the seminar and learn the crucial human resource elements that are adopted by the RGIT college itself. All the students of RGIT became the part of this seminar organised at Melbourne campus to help accomplish the conditions of managing recruitment, induction, and selection processes. Find out more at

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