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RevBase Adds Vault Feature for Preserving Inactive Marketing Assets

10.10.2017 00:17:11 - Marketers Gain a New Tool in Addressing Complexity and Large Data Volume

( - Maynard, MA  October 9, 2017  Longwood Software, Inc., developer of the RevBase® software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketing asset management (MAM) system ( and the ForFile® large file transfer service (, has introduced a new RevBase feature called the Vault. The Vault gives RevBase customers a place to secure outdated, inactive or obsolete items while retaining their usage history. Placing items


in the Vault “parks” them in a partition within the RevBase repository that is accessible by administrators. The Vault reduces clutter in the active RevBase system, which helps users more easily and quickly find relevant marketing and sales materials.

“Well-run marketing departments are rigorous in managing assets throughout the lifecycle, and this includes retiring work that no longer is relevant. But deleting obsolete assets is not the answer because it destroys data and history,” said Scott Richardson, president and CEO of Longwood Software. “With our vault feature, marketers can remove inactive items from user views while retaining version history and usage information. And they easily can restore an item to service if necessary.”

A RevBase Vault provides a complete environment for managing items as they reach end of service. Assets moved to the vault are date-stamped and labeled with the RevBase zones in which they were previously located. This assures traceability. Vault items are fully searchable and visible to administrators who often need to revisit previous materials and campaigns. In addition, the vault can be configured to address each customer’s unique process and workflow.

The RevBase Vault feature is available now for new and existing RevBase customers.

The Vault feature addition follows the recent introduction of the RevBase asset expiration/withdrawal capability which helps assure literature compliance in life science companies. The new RevBase expiration/withdrawal capability ensures that product literature is not used beyond each item's specific expiration date. This is especially critical for industries that must ensure regulatory compliance of their marketing materials.

About the RevBase Marketing Asset Management Platform

RevBase is a marketing asset management platform that serves companies in diverse industries. It is a comprehensive solution designed especially for marketers. RevBase offers electronic and print fulfillment capabilities, including a searchable database for marketing assets; a visual shopping cart for collecting items for distribution; multiple email delivery modes; and click-through tracking of electronically-fulfilled assets. Users can customize/personalize marketing materials with RevBase, schedule automatic reports, and set up item expiration alerts so Administrators know when items are becoming outdated.

The RevBase platform is mobile-enabled, and is designed for “out of the box” use. It requires no technical training, IT support, or custom development.

About Longwood Software, Inc.

Longwood Software, Inc., (Maynard, MA) is a leading provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for marketing and sales teams in manufacturing, technology, and business services. The company’s products are the RevBase® marketing asset management system and the ForFile® large file transfer service. The company’s customers include American Greetings, BBB Industries, Beiersdorf, Dunkin’ Brands, Kronos, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Quincy Compressor, Save the Children Federation, Smith and Nephew, and Thermo Fisher Scientific. For more information on RevBase or ForFille please visit

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