Universal Pictures 'Jurassic World: New Era' (Jurassic World 3) now casting extras and a number of speaking roles

09.02.2020 06:24:16 - The Universal Pictures feature film "Jurassic World: New Era" (Jurassic World 3) is now casting extras as well as a number of speaking roles, adults as well as teens and children. Those chosen will appear in the film with Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Laura Dern, Sam Neill, and Jeff Goldblum.

(live-PR.com) - Two-time Saturn Award nominee Colin Trevorrow will direct "Jurassic World: New Era" from an original screenplay he wrote with Emily Carmichael. BAFTA Awards nominee Patrick Crowley is producing along with five-time Academy Award nominee Frank Marshall. Academy Award nominee John Schwartzman is director of photography. Three-time Academy Award winner Steven Spielberg is serving as executive producer, along with Colin Trevorrow.


Filming on "Jurassic World: New Era" will take place in Vancouver, Hawaii, and London's Pinewood Studios.

Auditions for Speaking Roles

Talent located in any area who are able to perform in a self-made audition video (from scenes provided by the casting office) can sign up for the "Jurassic World: New Era" open casting call. The sign up fee is a one-time video auditions processing fee payment of $99. After the sign up fee is submitted, talent will be sent an email to respond with photos and general information. Current cell phone photos are acceptable. The general information required will be full name, age, height, weight, any special skills or training if available, and complete contact information. Once the casting office for "Jurassic World: New Era" contacts the participants, they will provide a script segment to create a self-made audition video. Talent will then email the video back to the casting office, and the process will continue with a live Skype audition. There is no experience required to sign up and participate in this talent search.

To sign up for participation in the "Jurassic World: New Era" open casting call, simply submit the $99 talent fee through any of the following accepted methods:

Google Pay - (https://pay.google.com) - The email address to send your sign-up fee through Google Pay is alan.baltes@gmail.com. Please enter your email address in the "Memo" box when sending your sign-up fee. Contact alan.baltes@gmail.com if you would like a sign-up fee request sent to you through Google Pay.

Cash App - (https://cash.app). The email address to send your sign-up fee through Cash App is alan.baltes@gmail.com and the Cash App username is $AlanBaltes. Please enter your email address in the "For" box when sending.

Zelle (https://www.zellepay.com) - The email address to use when sending your sign-up fee through Zelle is alan.baltes@gmail.com.

You can also email alan.baltes@gmail.com if you would prefer to have a sign-up fee request sent to your cell phone or email address.

Talent from outside of the United States can submit the $99 USD sign-up fee through the following:

Transferwise (https://transferwise.com/invite/u/alanb155) - The email address to send your sign-up fee through Transferwise is alan.baltes@gmail.com.

Talent from outside of the United States can also email alan.baltes@gmail.com for alternate sign-up fee submission information.

Extras Casting

Jurassic World 3 is seeking extras in Merritt, BC Canada. The extras casting office for the Canada portion of filming is looking for people to play "dinosaur food," i.e. mill workers, fishermen and townsfolk. Anyone, male or female, between the ages of 25 and 65 can apply as extras. Applicants must have reliable transport and must be available for one to two days. Talent in the Vancouver, BC area ONLY can be considered for extra roles by filling out the following online casting form:

Jurassic World 3 Extras (non-speaking roles only) Registration: https://www.freemancasting.com/performer/submit/

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