Upper Marlboro Yoga Establishes a Trampoline Program

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Yoga should not be considered a strenuous exercise, but a form of deep meditation. The instructors and teachers at this facility are very hands on; while juggling the multiple tasks that it takes to effectively run a business. The professionals that work directly with the clients are very dedicated in assisting


to meet everyone’s needs. Upper Marlboro Yoga is devoted to truly helping their clients bring balance to their mind, body and spirit. For a chance in time to be able to sit inside of yourself and just breathe, this is the something all of us search for at one time or another. Find your tune with the driving force of positivity in your life and everything else that matters will fall in line. This Yoga and Pilate’s Wellness Center also works well with people dealing with chronic pain, those who want to lose weight and add strength, athletes who need to cross-train to compete in different sports and people who seek stress reduction to obtain overall physical fitness and gain health awareness.

Upper Marlboro Yoga is now participating in Yoga for first responders in Maryland through the National Organization Kula for Karma. Free classes are offered to paramedics and firefighters who may have witnessed trauma, loss and death first hand. Kula for Karma is a national therapeutic yoga organization that offers services free of cost to populations in need, including at-risk youth, cancer patients, caregivers, prisoners and veterans.

“I searched for trampoline classes near me or yoga in my area and found myself directed to this Upper Marlboro Yoga location. There really is no other experience like it. By the end of my session, I was dripping with sweat almost everywhere, but felt invigorated and energized. I would highly recommend that everyone try this experience at least once in your life.” Says Anita K.

Even if you are unable to make it to your scheduled class you can always submit a make-up ticket so that they can get you rescheduled. For those of you out there expecting, you can now take prenatal yoga classes with confidence and ease. The instructors are right beside you every step of the way. They can help with pain reduction, sleep positions, movement, and stress in order to get you physically prepared for the big day ahead.

Not only does Upper Marlboro Yoga offer Yoga and Pilate classes that are professional, warm and inviting but many clients have used yoga to tackle several health issues. Services provided also include: acupuncture, massage/therapy, aromatherapy, holistic nutritional counseling, physical counseling and physical therapy. Upper Marlboro Yoga offers all the unique yoga traditions with affordable meditation classes and monthly specials. There is no better place to empower your evolution of consciousness by transforming your mind, body and spirit. Other yoga classes provided are: Christian Yoga, beginner yoga classes, hot yoga, acro yoga, bikram yoga and provide classes training the yoga teachers of tomorrow. Sit still inside of yourself for a change and just breathe, this is the something all of us wish we had the time to do at some point or another. Find your tune with the driving force of positivity in your life and everything else that matters will fall in line. Upper Marlboro Yoga can be our home away from home.

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