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16.05.2019 05:53:23 - There is no doubt that the entertaining and interesting videos on the Internet are the biggest competitors of television following the trends for current social networks

(live-PR.com) - In YouTube, every minute 2.8 million videos are displayed. 69% of consumers watch product videos two or more times before buying. And 41% of users are more likely to share a video than any other brand content on social networks. Today, most people spend the day consuming audiovisual content through different social networks.

Video content is a tool that allows


people to know first-hand the opinion of the consumer who can interact at all times through Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Twitter. This constitutes a method of connecting with people on a personal and professional level, because it allows brands to get closer and closer to customers by making them participants and getting them to feel part of the brand.

There is no doubt that the entertaining and interesting videos on the Internet are the biggest competitors of television following the trends for current social networks. In the same way, the way of consuming audiovisual content has evolved because of digitalization. People like to be informed, to choose what to see, how and when. These factors mean that television is sometimes obsolete, especially in the younger sectors.

Although Instagram Stories is the tool that allows less streaming time compared to Facebook, Periscope or Snapchat, the truth is that it is the most used for video marketing.

Wagner guarantees audiovisual services of high quality. Apart from to the positioning of a brand, there are some other advantages when people decide to carry out an audiovisual project with Wagner:
● Prosopopoeia. As mentioned before, live video allows brands to interact and know the customers better.
● Scope. Organically and not paid. Wagner managed to reach a large number of users without the need to invest money in it. Also, Wagner can get more visits and comments, meaning that the publication of the transmission will appear more and more above the timeline and will reach more people.

● Engagement. The term par excellence of social networks and the digital world. Create a closer and closer link between the brand and the user who can take advantage of streaming to solve their doubts unlike years ago, when the customer had to call or send a message to the customer service department. In addition, in these videos companies can see the opinion of other users who comment, which provides confidence and security, essential aspects that determine the purchase decision.

● Differentiation. There are many brands that invest in advertising, but few who dare with streaming because many are afraid of possible mistakes or do not really know how advantageous it is. The certain thing is that the direct ones by more prepared than they are show the transparency of the mark and next to it, differentiation before the competition.

If you want a greater display of your brand on the internet, check out on our page the different audiovisual services available.

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