Cheshire Joiner Announces Five Years of Growth

Squirrel Joinery Cheshire

15.05.2019 17:02:05 - Five years after the launch of their innovative website, Squirrel Joinery are excited to announce continued growth throughout this period.

(live-PR.com) - Squirrel Joinery offer comprehensive joinery services for Cheshire. With over 25 years’ experience in the trade they have built a reputation based around professionalism. This is based on the use of high-quality materials, delivering bespoke designs and genuinely well-supported customer care. Since their website launch over five years ago, they have experienced natural and impressive growth. Prior to the website


launch, this was a Company with a wide-ranging customer base. However, growth over this period has allowed them further diversification and the acquisition of a wider audience with an impressive online presence.

This has often been attributed to their driven approach to growth while concentrating on the delivery of exceptional finishes. They have an enviable reputation for top quality workmanship and have grown primarily through recommendation. Levels of repeat custom are also extremely high, showing that the service they offer is well-received and offers great value for money.

Furthermore, this is a Company that seeks to constantly improve the standards and skilled craftsmanship for the joinery industry. They have tried-and-tested approaches with extensive experience. They offer a traditional provision with a modern approach to promotion. This means that they are able to offer incredible services but know how best to promote them in an ever-changing technological world. This adaptive and innovative approach has paid dividends towards their continued success.

Although the joinery services offered are already comprehensive, the growth achieved has allowed further diversification into oak sales for this dynamic Company. It was soon identified that there were very few options for individuals looking to source small amounts of quality oak for smaller home improvement projects. Provision tended only to be for larger, commercial requirements. Squirrel Joinery started to offer oak supply for Cheshire, the North West and throughout the UK and have seen impressive growth in this area as a result.

This combination has allowed them continued growth. Figures of website views, incoming enquiries, accepted quotations and customer scope have all improved in the last five years. Assessment of these figures have offered them a determined approach to the coming months and years in order to continue their success.

Andrew Littler, founder of Squirrel Joinery commented:
“We have been in the industry for over 25 years. However, since the website launch five years ago, we have witnessed exceptional growth. We are extremely determined to offer a brilliant service for our domestic and commercial clients. Such achievements have reignited our determination to ensure the success continues through the coming months and years.”

Company’s such as Squirrel Joinery offer versatility to their clients. This appears to be so important in an ever-evolving environment. Growth is so often a challenge so when it is identified it is important to celebrate it and learn from it. This allows an adaptive approach to further successes and ensures future promotion.

Such an impressive attitude pays testament to this Company’s achievements. This company is a motivational example of how small businesses can succeed in challenging times. Squirrel Joinery are setting higher and improved standards for the entire industry.

Further information is available at www.joinery-cheshire.co.uk

To contact Andrew, email info@joinery-cheshire.co.uk

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