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13.05.2019 21:27:59 - The Deaf market requires specialized attention and, many times, the hearing impaired community is undervalued by marketers and not even taken into consideration when designing an inbound marketing campaign, for example.

(live-PR.com) - Marketing is the art of placing the right product for the right audience at the right time. In this era, the product/service positioning and the posterior advertising communicative process can be -and should be- performed by including sign language vocabulary plus other methods in order for the brands to satisfy the necessities of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Community.

Nowadays, businesses' Human


Resources departments, when recruiting new human talent, they often choose bilingual applicants. Although, there are other skills that any professional should master. One of them is deaf sign language.

A copywriter or marketer with a sign language background, specific from the country where his business operates (as there isn't a universal form of sign language), is a powerful asset. A copywriter specialized on sign language can play a crucial role when expanding the reach of a marketing campaign into a whole new market that owns specific characteristics, like using a grammar that incorporates nonverbal and kinesthetic elements like facial expression, hand movements, gestures, and body language.

As stated by Languages Unlimited, "according to the World Federation of the Deaf, there are 70 million people in the world who use sign language to communicate". Therefore, the deaf market itself is a mass market with a big population of important consumers that can diversify into diverse niche markets.

The Deaf market requires specialised attention and, many times, the hearing impaired community is undervalued by marketers and not even taken into consideration when designing an inbound marketing campaign, for example.

That is why any businessperson with the expertise of communicating to deaf people can be crucial when developing a new inclusive, human, and warm market campaign, develop a new product versatile to any audience, and many more.

A company or institution can contribute to the deaf community development and add value to it by employing sign language professionals, in any operative level, who can capacitate the internal audiences of the company to properly engage with that community.

In fact, in order to take advantage of an unattended niche, businesses are starting to add a Deaf sign interpreter or an American Sign Language (ASL) instructors, for instance, that can educate the employees and directors about the deaf community. Other popular practices are the addition of versatile methods of customer attention, just as the incorporation of text transcription in audiovisual pieces, just to name some of them.

When properly attending the deaf community, a business usually ensures a human and inclusive brand image, which fosters positive values to the citizens and all related stakeholders. Furthermore, the deaf market will drive to higher revenues as there are deaf people across the world ready to obtain valuable information and products in a special approach. The deaf community gathers people from all over the world, it doesn`t matter the gender, culture, age.

Wagner Consulting LLC helps any kind of business to engage and offer value propositions to the hearing impaired audiences by creating user-friendly, original, and valuable communicative techniques and channels for the Deaf Community, like experienced translators in dubbing, subtitling, voice-over and transcription.

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