Toronto Jazz Musician Dave Sereny Releases Jammin – A Cover of Bob Marleys Reggae Song with Acoustic Guitar

09.05.2019 00:49:07 -

(live-PR.com) - Toronto, CANADA… Chart topping Jazz musician Dave Sereny makes waves in the music community with his new album “Talk To Me” at: bit.ly/DS-TalkToMe showcasing his cover of Bob Marley’s reggae song Jammin’ available on Spotify at: https://spoti.fi/2JTFKAy . Since its debut the single “Jammin’” has secured its place on 25 different playlists with a total of over 100,000 playlist



Sereny’s comeback has been covered by various writers, bloggers and websites. Most recently Jammin’ was reviewed on the MightyCoolThings Blog at: http://bit.ly/2Lh9zvl and the album “Talk to Me” has been covered by various publications including Slate Magazine, KurrentMusic, WeHeartIt, Buzzfeed, and others.

Stu Berketo of Wave.fm 94.7/95.9 HD2 had this to say about “Jammin”
“Sereny’s work is remarkable on a couple of classic covers, including Bob Marley’s "Jammin’", which stays true to the original with splendid smooth vocal overlay.”

With the album and lead track, “Talk To Me” on iTunes at: https://apple.co/2VTTjRs Sereny once again proves that his musical talent has aged like a fine wine. Sereny is not only a singer, but also the writer, composer and guitar player (playing both electric and acoustic) of his entire album. Sereny’s hands-on approach to his music is what gives “Jammin” the authenticity jazz music-lovers live for.

Love & loss are common themes for artists, but Sereny takes it one step further. His ability to meld genres of jazz, soul, and rock with lyrics that sound like private thoughts are what fans love about him. In a world of manufactured music, Sereny still has his personal touch. This is why fans have stuck by him through 11+ years of high anticipation for his new album.

Some say hip-hop rules the world, but Sereny is a jazz force to reckon with. The jazz renaissance is here and Sereny is ready to lead the way. Stay up to date with all the news this album is sure to generate at: www.DaveSereny.com .

About the Artist:

Toronto-based guitarist, Dave Sereny has already made quite a name for himself in the smooth jazz world. Already a multiple nominee at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, Dave has been spending most of his time this in the studio polishing his new album which features , Warren Hill, among others.

A touring veteran of multiple jazz festivals, Dave has drawn the admiration of many of his most seasoned and well-respected peers, several of whom have joined him on his forthcoming album. The album both original material and covers showcases Dave’s guitar talents along with many of his superstar friends, from the Smooth Jazz world !

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