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19.04.2019 00:54:12 - We at Idolocalfood are a team of professionals and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts that strive to make connecting and communicating with your party reliable and quick, so you can rest assured that your groceries will maintain freshness and high-quality and all of that with benefits of local market without ever leaving the comfort of your house! Everything regarding groceries and other food items, local farms, producers, nearby events, etc. can be found with just a mouse click away!

(live-PR.com) - On the first week of May, Rick Boklage will be launching his site I Do Local Food that brings the initiative of allowing and supporting local producers and markets into the restaurants and house that build the community.

With the site I Do Local Food comes the idea of allowing local farmers to connect with others and take their products


into local markets and restaurants in a more easy and efficient way, this way promoting local business and economy.

On our site, we give you simple, fast and non-time-consuming search options offering you local producers with homegrown products and database of local farmers and producers that will provide you with the best possible match IN SECONDS! We strongly believe that the following are the pillars of any entrepreneurship endeavors:

Knowledge and experience
Hard work
Understanding and listening to customers and market
With fulfilling these, as we do, successful business becomes inevitable.

Problem with a new age is that people often tend to neglect the importance of what they consume on a daily basis, forgetting how that may affect their lives in the long term.

Besides the obvious problem of forgetting the importance of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle, they live too fast, and are not eager to waste their precious time doing long and tiring searches on the web in a look for healthy food, and physically looking for a local market is not an option.

There is just too much to it.

You need to find a producer, that is respectable, that is close to you, that prefers quality over quantity, that offers all of that for a good price, the list goes on and on.

At this point, you may wonder if there's a faster, better, easier, more convenient and efficient way to do this?

We're here to tell you - YES!

There Is!

Having these problems in mind, we knew that in order to solve them, we need to create something revolutionary that will not only ease the process of acquiring the food items but also change the traditional way of groceries shopping into something easier, efficient, convenient and more cost effective. All of our focus and effort was directed to producing just that and it became our main goal. That's how our vision was born and Idolocalfood came to be.

Local producer wonít only be able to connect with other business and take their products to them, they will also be able to interact with other producers along the community. As well, other local business such as restaurants that use local products will be able to expose themselves to the market and reach to that market that looks to consume meals with fresh and organically grown products.

"It is our pleasure that we were able to implement all of our strictly defined goals and set new ones, and we take great pride in the fact that we are constantly getting a great feedback, meeting people`s expectation, and fulfilling their needs in a great mission of a healthy lifestyle!"
Rick Boklage,
Owner of Idolocalfood

Donít miss the chance of being part of this initiative and supporting local businesses.

Press Information:
I Do Local Food

52 avenue, Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Contact Person:
Rick Boklage
Phone: 6047876532
eMail: eMail

Web: http://www.idolocalfood.com


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