Artificial intelligence can also create art

Contemporary Art Fair Zurich

31.08.2018 10:12:04 - Artificial intelligence can also be art - to experience at the 20th ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH art fair (20-23 September 2018 / Puls 5, Zurich)

(live-PR.com) - Art Zurich exhibitors in focus: Net art through artificial intelligence using neural networks. The DeepDream algorithm by Alex Mordvintsev and Jana Sam creates amazing works of art.

Zurich, Switzerland - September 2018

Art Me Association (CH) presents the artist duo Alex Mordvintsev and Jana Sam at the art fair ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH 2018 in Zurich.
Alex Mordvintsev has worked for almost 10 years


with various industrial and research applications of image processing and computer vision. In 2014 he started working at Google Zurich on artificial intelligence (AI) and neural networks (machine learning and deep neural networks).

In 2015, Alex developed the DeepDream algorithm, the models of which aroused great public interest in artificial intelligence. Jana Sam, his wife and source of inspiration, supports him in the artistic aspects of his research.
Like most people, the artist couple want information technology to be useful and accessible to all. Artificial intelligence and neural networks are currently among the most exciting topics in the digital world. The artists operate with overwhelming amounts of data in multidimensional spaces where human intuition does not work.

Using the DeepDream algorithm, both artists create a connection between abstract mathematical spaces and the visual language of visual art. The pictures find surprising resonance with our own visions, are perceived as strange but at the same time beautiful. Alex Mordvintsev and Jana Sam have neural networks create images that can hardly be distinguished from human psychedelic art (Psychedelic Art / Psychedelia).
The two artists have great expertise in contemporary artificial intelligence and are continuously developing new techniques. Her pictures show the human subconscious, wishes and emotions, spirituality, memories and fantasies. This makes the viewer pensive, surprises with colours, positive and cheerful emotions and ideas and repeatedly gives the feeling that the characteristics and peculiarities of impressionism of the past are transformed into elements of inceptionism (psychedelic image recognition or pattern recognition of neural networks) of the future.

For more details see: Art Me Association / Horgen, Switzerland / www.artme.ch

About the fair:
The 20th edition of the International Art Fair in Zurich.
The ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH art fair, rich in tradition, will be held from September 20-23, 2018, in the heart of the trendy district of Zurich West.
ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH is not only an art marketplace, but also a forum for lively exchange. Since 1999, the art fair has established itself with quality and internationality as a public trade and public fair in Zurich. The fair has developed into an institution on the Swiss art market that art-loving people can no longer ignore. Modern and young art is presented here in a refreshingly relaxed way, including new discoveries!

20th International Fair for Contemporary Art
Puls 5, Zurich
20-23 September 2018
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Puls 5 - Giessereihalle
Giessereistrasse 18, CH-8005 Zürich
Tram 4, stop Technopark / Parkhaus Puls 5, P-West
Opening hours:
Friday 21 September, 10 - 20
Saturday 22 September, 10 - 20
Sunday 23 September, 10 - 18
Preview / Opening on Thursday 20 September, 18 - 21

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