Yokogawa Releases Plant Resource Manager (PRM®) R4.01

17.04.2018 08:05:09 - –New maintenance and operations support function for the display of statistical information on the status of all plant devices–

(live-PR.com) - Yokogawa Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6841) announces the April 12 release of version R4.01 of its Plant Resource Manager (PRM®) software tool for centrally managing large amounts of data from plant monitoring and control devices as well as manufacturing equipment.

PRM R4.01, an upgrade to R3.31, has been significantly enhanced with a new function that provides statistical data needed to identify the


overall status of the devices in a plant. Through the provision of information that is essential for efficient maintenance and optimum operations, this new PRMrelease will help to ensure plant safety.

Development Background
Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve maintenance efficiency by using software tools like PRM that can centrally manage large amounts of maintenance information and other types of data from plant monitoring and control devices as well as manufacturing equipment, and for quickly identifying device failures that could interfere with the safe operation of plants. To better meet such needs, Yokogawa has reinforced the functions of PRM.

With PRM R3.31, usershave been able toaccess information needed to identify the operating status ofindividual devices.To address the need for a solution that would yield insights into the overall condition of the devices installed in a plant, Yokogawa has added a new status reporting function to R4.01. A new function that improves maintenance efficiency has also been added.

1. Display of quantitative status information on all the devices in a plant
A function for the reportingof key performance indicators (KPI) on field assetshas been added to R4.01. With this function, PRMis able to create and display the following three KPIs:(1) overall device effectiveness (ODE),the percentage of time that devicesoperate normally (without alarms or events); (2) time availability (TA), the percentage of time that devices communicate normally with PRM; and (3) performance availability (PA), the percentage of time that devices operate and communicate normally with PRM.While the previous PRM release only provided information on individual devices, R4.01 has the added ability to display statistics on the operating status of all the devices in a plant. Thus, PRM R4.01can help operators detect potential device problems, identify and analyze failure causes, and determinemaintenance priorities. These KPIs can also be referred to when planning amaintenance schedule.

2. Efficient setting of device parameters
A template function for the setting of device parameters has been added to R4.01. Once parameters are set using thisfunction, the template canbe downloadedto multipledevices. This makes it easy to apply parameters to devices.When replacing one or more devices, their template can be used as is on the new device(s), or another template with different parameters that has been prepared in advance can be used. By making it easy to reset parameters, this function allows the immediate start up and use of the new device(s).

About PRM
PRM is a software package that centrally manages large amounts of status and maintenance information from plant monitoring and control devices and manufacturing equipment. PRM supports major field digital communication protocols (FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus, HART®, ISA100 WirelessTM, and PROFIBUS) and can be used for devices and diagnosis and adjustment software toolsfrom other manufacturers. PRM includes various maintenance support functions, including online functions for monitoring and diagnosing devices and equipment. PRM can work with the FieldMate® device management software for setting, adjusting, and managing field devices. ThroughFieldMate, the current device information stored in PRM can be checked in the field.For improved access to maintenance information, the PRM device information can also be accessed from any human interface station (HIS) linked to the CENTUM® VP integrated production control system.

Major Target Markets
Industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, iron and steel, pulp and paper, electric power, and wastewater treatment

Field device maintenance and start up, plant operation support

For more information
Solution-based Software: www.yokogawa.com/prm/prm-index-en.htm
PRM: www.yokogawa.com/solutions/products-platforms/so ..

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