Get Your New Years Gift – A Free Music Download From Nadel Paris Ooh La La La La EDM Remix with DJ M

02.01.2018 07:40:01 - Free EDM download by Nadel Paris

(live-PR.com) - Los Angeles, CA, December 2017…EDM Artist and triple threat Nadel Paris (www.Nadel-Paris.com) has just released an EP of 6 remixes of her single “Ooh La La La La” now available on iTunes at: http://bit.ly/OohLaLaLaLaRemixes, Amazon at: http://bit.ly/OohLaLaLaLa and Beatport at: http://bit.ly/NP-Beatport . The EP features remixes by up and coming DJ’s including Ray Rhodes, Pascal, Starbright, Cyphonix, Drew


G and DJ M. This release follows on the heels of her extremely well received EP, “Freedom”. Nadel is an accomplished singer, producer and published writer. Fans can pick up a FREE full download of the lead single, the DJ M. Chicago House Mix on Noisetrade at: http://bit.ly/FreeMP3_NadelParis .

Born in France and now residing in Los Angeles, Nadel Paris is a natural performer who at twelve years of age, was signed to a record deal with EMI France. Every day, when Nadel would come home from school; she would turn her music on and listen intently to the top divas of the world. From Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin and Tina Turner, to Madonna; her interests didn’t stop there; she also immersed herself in anything with soul, from Chicago blues and jazz music, to funk and disco. She learned her exulting showmanship and stage presence by watching stars’ on stage and dance moves on YouTube. A natural-born emulator, she took on different instruments and accomplished playing each of them without any formal training.

Paris is a Tony Robbins graduate and was geared in that direction by her father, a psycho-therapist who has always taught her the multiple aspects of personal growth and self-confidence. An animal and children’s activist, Nadel believes in giving back. She truly subscribes to the “pay-it -forward” theory. She wants to empower other people and strives to produce other artists to open doors for them. She says “It’s a win-win situation to discover talent and to empower those artists. Do something good and then those you’ve helped may give back and empower others.”

Her mother was a Christian Dior model that would spend endless hours talking to Nadel about fashion and movies and instilled in Nadel the love of researching and learning about new things. She said her mother often felt, because of her looks, that others may not perceive her as being smart or educated based on her looks. Thus she instilled in Nadel the need for a well rounded education to help empower herself. Nadel studied how to write a good novel as well as screenplays, and realized that such knowledge also allows her to write better lyrics. The Lyrics on her new single are written by Nadel.

Nadel is known for her quirky sense of humor. Her smart, wicked and sarcastic tweets and posts have continued to explode her numbers on social media. Currently she has over 470,000 followers on Twitter. While she knows it’s part of the territory, Nadel deals with numerous ogling male fan comments and while she may not always like to read or respond to those types of comments she hopes that eventually even the ooglers will recognize her for her music, authorship and production skills.


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