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(live-PR.com) - Discover Athens, Greeceís capital, and stay at Life Gallery, a 5 star design hotel in Ekali. Enjoy the hotelís incredible luxury services and facilities, sumptuous and spacious accommodations, out of this world Spa and incredible restaurant bar.
Known for its historical centre, Athens is also a city with many attractive and characteristic suburbs, as well as a dazzling coastline, secluded coves


and unknown beaches, all just waiting to be discovered. Located in the Athensí northern suburbs in the affluent well to do area of Ekali, Life Gallery brilliantly combines natural splendor with modern luxury in a haven of style and tranquility. Featuring exquisite modern architecture, the remarkable minimalist design, ethnic elements, glass surfaces, unique lighting systems and branded furniture, all invite the Life Galleryís guests into a world of contemporary luxury. Style and comfort are also evident throughout the property from the relaxing environs of the swimming pool to the perfumed gardens, the seductive wet-area of the spa, the stylish bar restaurant, Zen garden, state of the art conference rooms and unrivalled accommodation options such as the charming Junior Suite, Art Studios and Deluxe Rooms.
Introducing a new wave of stylish hospitality and wellness, guests are welcome to enjoy a refreshing swim in the hotelís extremely impressive glass bottom swimming pool surrounded by spectacular nature.
From the lounge bar to the pool bar, all the way to the exceptional Kool Life Restaurant & Bar, Life Gallery introduces a new upscale dining and entertainment scene in Athens at some of the best urban bars as well as best restaurants in Athens, Greece. Awarded with the toques dí or, the on-site Kool Life Restaurant offers exceptional service and delectable Greek and Mediterranean delicacies. Meanwhile, a great selection of light snacks, intriguing finger food choices along with some of the most flavorsome cocktails in Athens are available at the Kool Life bar.
Also acknowledged as a leading hotel with Spa in Athens, Ananea Wellness by Orloff Experts invites guests to revitalize their senses in the on-site Spa and wellness facilities including a state of the art wet area, Jacuzzi, sauna and hamam. This Athens Spa hotel also offers a myriad of highly effective and relaxing massages as well as rejuvenating Valmont and Cinq Mondes treatments, while the meditation room allows spa guests to relax and gaze outside at the tranquil waters of the incredible glass bottom pool and the surrounding pine trees.
As one of the best Athens hotels, the Life Gallery offers exemplary luxury accommodation in Athens. Featuring an exclusive range of Deluxe Rooms, Art Studios and a Junior Suite, this luxury design boutique hotel in Athens offer guests a wide variety of contemporary facilities and deluxe amenities. Design is evident everywhere, especially in the branded furniture, minimalist design and natural decoration details while the stylish ambience fully reflects the chic vibrancy of Athens, ensuring for a holiday experience beyond comparison.

Life Gallery Hotel
103 Thisseos Avenue, 14578
Ekali, Athens, Greece
T. +30 211 10 67 400
F. +30 210 6229353
E. info-lifegallery@bluegr.com.

Choose Life gallery for your holidays in Athens which is situated in the northern suburbs of Athens, in the sophisticated area of Ekali. Member of the bluegr hotels that brilliantly combines natural splendor with modern luxury in a haven of style and tranquility.

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