Dr Dewi Fortuna Anwar talk on Indonesia fulcrum of South Asia

Indonesia economy is growing with stupendous pace

16.03.2017 14:38:31 - Dr Dewi Fortuna Anwar talk on Indonesia fulcrum of South Asia.Indonesia economy is growing with stupendous growth

(live-PR.com) - Indonesia economy is growing and the overall economy is developing to wane out poverty.The Indonesia is divided into Eastern Indonesia and Western Indonesia the former is in tattered and later in its healthy upswing.Islands such Java Bali,Sumatra,are doing exceedingly well and the rest are in state of normal or frugal growth.With abundant islands the Indonesia's numbers astound more than


17000 islands, of which 8000 are inhabited, and over 300 languages are spoken across them.

One of the best kingdoms existed before the arrival of the Dutch, who colonised the island nation but gave in to an independence struggle in 1949.Indonesia has become one of the world's major emerging economies.

Dr Dewi Fortuna Anwar talk on Indonesia fulcrum of Asia at India International Center New Delhi envisaged her national policy thematically and philosophically with practical approach to its diplomatic and statement ability.

Dr Dewi Fortuna Anwar talk explain the Indonesian democracy and its colonial rule thus adopting golden rules for the development of their country in time of rapid technology growth and changing values.

Indonesia lies on coastal belt of Indian Ocean.The ports of the state are not well maintained and are overlapping authorities has given to mismanagement government need to excel the performance.Ports has to have the state of art performance but the country is making hectic effort to bring ports for best of trade and transports. Indonesia is crystal clear for not inclined to any power block but is more inclined and intent to follow the lines of ASEAN philosophy and its objectives of competitive collaboration and greater importance to consultations for any matter of concern for its security and other international issues.

She explained that our target of economic growth, social progress, and cultural development in the region ,to promote regional peace and stability, promote collaboration and mutual assistance on matters of common interest and provide assistance to each other in the form of training and research facilities are well enshrined in Asean declaration.The nation is building basic educations and RD centers to its best for the people to be more aware of their profession and build better state.Our policy is not to tilt towards any power bloc but to remain as a fulcrum force in the south Asian region to extend economical and social transformation.We need our ports to do be collaborative face lift with best of technology from various countries Rotterdam, Beijing, France ,German Europe to entail the best of trading partners in future outlook.

Japan is building its Navy capacity and India is also increasing Maritime infrastructure with more coastal guards ships submarine ports are modernising along with missiles and other marine weaponry. China maritime dispute with Japan and other countries in South China are trying to win his status by investing in these countries with massive involvement.

US has in process with its bird eye intent is investing in Navy along with Japan and South Korea. India plan building its capacity with its neighbours in IORA in South Asia is priority yo keep its Fulcrum.Countries Indonesia Malaysia Taiwan South Korea Japan Australia need close cooperation. She took various question from the audience and fervently answered each question with zeal and clarity. To question on RD and basic education government making enough efforts and results are doing well but professional and vocational studies are still not popular among parents which are to make its mark.
The silk route and sea routes of Chinese were also touched and as far as the trade and business flourishes without any harm to the sovereignty and security of Indonesia and Asean as whole the matter needs to be bilateral discussed in Asean and other bilateral talks.

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