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It is our pleasure to present TravelCar Car Rental company

07.05.2016 15:54:01 -

(live-PR.com) - It is our pleasure to present TravelCar Car Rental company. Itís a successful company that offers rent-a-car and transfer service.

This business exists for a few years and today they offer variety of car types to fulfill your needs.

Today they offer new cars that are equipped with best car equipment in order to make your drive safe and pleasant as much


as possible.

Itís an ideal time to rent an automobile and take a vacation. With TravelCarís reduced rates renting a compress to mid-size automobile is easy and economically feasible.

TravelCar Rental Service is charity special discounts for business renting compress and mid-size cars for 3 to 4 days.
The company has also combined many new cars to a fleet.
TravelCar also believes in not over-renting any of a vehicles in sequence to follow a top reserve procedures. Interested business should book an automobile forward of time.

A new confident patron had this to say, ďI rented an automobile from TravelCar once, and we will really be behind if we need to lease a automobile again. The car rental company has rates that are distant improved than any inhabitant brand. They have good service. Thereís even a gas hire subsequent door, so if business need to fill adult a gas tank before they lapse a rental, itís not a problem.Ē
TravelCar believes in clever patron service; one of itís goals is responding intensity rentersí phone calls by a second ring. TravelCar also provides drivers for a cars, and make sure cars are permitted for pick-up or drop-off during hotels and airports.

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Phone: +374 60 37 60 60
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Web: http://travelcar.am/rent-a-car-in-yerevan


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