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Porsche Announces “Next OI Competition” As Part of Open Innovation Platform With Startup HIGH MOBILITY

11.12.2017 16:04:00 - HIGH MOBILITY is teaming up with sports car manufacturer Porsche to launch an open competition for digital development in February 2018

( - Porsche Announces “Next OI Competition” As Part of Open Innovation Platform With Berlin Connected Car Startup HIGH MOBILITY

December 1st 2017, BERLIN — German sportscar giant, Porsche, has announced its upcoming collaboration with Berlin-based connected car startup HIGH MOBILITY. The partnership facilitates the launch of Porsche’s Next OI Competition - a global challenge for developers to build applications and


services for Porsche sports cars in a unique developer workspace.
As technology leader in the automobile industry, Porsche has joined forces with HIGH MOBILITY to continue its work at the forefront of the connected space. The Next OI Competition is just the start for Porsche: going forward the carmaker plans to nurture a permanent workspace for developers, startups and third parties. In this Open Innovation space, applications and services can be tested using HIGH MOBILITY’s developer center and car emulator, with developers enjoying round-the-clock access to an extensive range of APIs, SDKs, tools and resources.

Patrick Kück, Director of Strategy and Innovation at Porsche, says: “Our goal is to enable developers to build unique apps and services for Porsche cars, by doing so defining the future of sports cars.”

The alliance of a traditional sports car manufacturer and a developer platform for connected cars comes in the wake of the global adoption of connected devices in homes and workplaces alike. Looking to the automotive industry, the automobile is still awaiting its “iPhone moment”, but that moment is getting closer and closer everyday. By working intimately with software developers, Porsche is future-proofing its cars in what is an increasingly connected space.

Risto Vahtra, CEO of HIGH MOBILITY says: “The Porsche Next OI Competition is a chance for developers and third parties to engage with Porsche and showcase their app development skills and solutions for connected cars using a unique car emulator and set of Porsche-specific APIs. We’re excited to see the results of this collaboration.”

Developers, startups and third parties interested in taking part in Porsche’s Next OI Competition can register for more information now at The official launch is February 26th 2018.

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG based in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany, is the world’s leading manufacturer of exclusive sports cars. In 2016, the company delivered around 237,000 new vehicles to its customers around the world, generating sales of EUR 22.3 billion. The company’s operating income sat at EUR 3.9 billion, making Porsche one of the world’s most profitable automotive manufacturers.

HIGH MOBILITY is an innovative, award-winning platform designed to bring Internet of Things (IoT) services to the automobile industry through the use of a simple, universal API.


Right now carmakers are still trying to guess what their customers want, instead of letting the customers build the things they really need. This is because right now the manufacturers don’t have access to the community of developers building essential apps for connected cars. There is a crucial missing link.

In addition, developers who are interested in building apps for cars don’t have the right software to test their apps and services. Due to the number of different car models, each with different features and capabilities, there is currently no one-size-fits-all solution.

Finally, security worries override many conversations about connected cars. Any software that is developed for the industry would have to be programmed securely and without any risk. No easy task.

HIGH MOBILITY believes it holds the solution.

The company is building a developer center for the next generation of automobiles. This involves:

- bringing carmakers together with a global community of impassioned developers
- providing developers with the tools to test their applications in a virtual environment
- giving carmakers the digital tools to translate applications to match individual car models
- building the technology that ensures the security of all applications for the connected car, utilizing standards which have been proven in banking and governmental e-services

HIGH MOBILITY fundamentally believes that cars of the future should be programmable. The automobile is still awaiting its “iPhone moment”, but that moment is getting closer and closer everyday.

We want to be at the forefront of the next generation of connected cars. Will you be joining us?

Built for developers, by developers

The company is creating a developer ecosystem for connected cars by enabling third party, independent developers to access a car’s interface through a set of Software Development Kits (SDKs). Through HIGH MOBILITY’s relationships with existing carmakers, developers have the opportunity to bring their apps and services to life, by doing so dramatically impacting the future of the automobile industry, not to mention the lives of individual car users the world over.

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