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Now Add Text and Timestamp to Gallery Videos with ‘Video Stamper’!

30.11.2018 10:48:45 - Add Text to Video with DateTime Stamp, Video Logo & GPS Geotag Watermark!

( - 27th November 2018, SURAT, INDIA: 'Greencom Ebizzinfotech', a well developing IT Company in Surat, well-known for developing Android applications and awe their users by giving amazing features in every application updates! Lately, they have fused another factor in 'Video Stamper' application called 'Watermark Logo'.

The "Video Stamper" application is for those users who need to edit their video for their


pre-shot video. Before there were three features "Date and Timestamp", "Check stamp", "GPS Stamp".However, now they have developed the new charming element "Watermark Logo" on the demand of their users. This part looks like "Cherry on the Cake".

Look at the NEWLY UPDATED FEATURES of this application:-

1. Open Video that you want to select from Gallery
2. The user can incorporate 4 Stamps at one time.
3. Custom or Original choice for Date and Timestamp.
4. "ON/OFF" toggle for 4 different stamps as per the essential.
5. "Watermark Logo" option where the user can incorporate their own logo from Phone Gallery.
6. "Signature Stamp" to add Text to the video.
7. Diverse "Font style Formats" and position to set 'Stamp Position, Stamp Color, and Date Format'.
8. Option, in contrast, to use "Current Date and Time Stamp" and "GPS Location Stamp".
9. To wrap things up, User can see their “Preview” option adjusted stamp before adding to the videos!

Highlights of Features:-

1) Date and Timestamp

Lock all your moments with ‘DateTime Stamp’ and make them enduring! Adding an accurate time and date to your videos will make you relive all the ‘old is gold’ moments.

➺ Perfectly used for:
Stamping Happy Moments, Evidence Tracking, Event Tracking and more

2) Signature Stamp

Visuals are the fastest mode to convey a message in a short span of time. Adding text over video as a signature will quickly shape up your clips and design them stunningly.

➺ Best used in:
Promotional Videos, Video Security, To Write Text to Videos, To Create a Cool Signature

3) GPS Geotagging Stamp

Smack your wanderlust fantasies with a ‘Location Tag’ using ‘Video Stamper App’. Simply switch ON your phone’s GPS to fetch your current location and it will be added instantly.

Moreover, you can even add custom address stamp on your videos if your Android handset’s direction locator cannot reach you.

➺ Beneficial for:
Travel Journals, People Who Love Showcasing Adventures, Business Travellers, Globetrotter

4) Watermark Logo

It’s an excitingly new feature added in this app just like a ‘Jewel in the Crown’! Now with this app, you can ‘Add Logo to Videos’ without a hitch.

Adding a Brand Logo to videos will help you to get recognized by people. In a cluster of videos from all around the world, yours will turn out to be attractively unique!

➺ Pretty much in demand for:

All Youtubers, People who regularly uploads video to Instagram and Facebook, Professional Videographer, Creating Video Label

The "Video Stamper: Add Logo, Timestamp, and Text on Video" application is that easy-to-use and has simple User Interface that any kind of user can use. They can basically open the application, change the stamps they require, customize the stamp, in conclusion, add the stamps to their gallery videos. Videos are captured by everyone these days regardless of your field. Consequently, this astounding video editing application can be used by anyone to edit their video clips and make them more attractive.

Mr. Suresh Kalathiya, CEO of Greencom Ebizzinfotech believes that "By fulfilling the needs of users for whom you are making makes probably the exceptional Success in their things!

Summing it up the highlights of VideoStamper, and without extending, in the event that you are examining for video venturing applications here is the best methodology.

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