New microDTTect solution improves diagnosis of periprosthetic infections

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( - With the European launch of microDTTect Heraeus is now offering a novel solution for the diagnosis of periprosthetic infections. For the first time, orthopedists and microbiology labs can use a closed system allowing the contamination-free removal of bacterial biofilms on tissue and sample materials for further analysis. In the lab, microDTTect has demonstrated enhanced sensitivity and specificity in microbial detection


of up to 94%, thereby significantly facilitating the correct diagnosis and treatment of biofilm-associated infections.

Identification of pathogens is key for the right treatment
Biofilm-associated pathogens are a major challenge in orthopaedic revisions as their identification is difficult. This impedes the discrimination of septic and aseptic loosening and the correct patient treatment. For the hospital, this challenge poses a high risk of medical complications and additional costs. Heraeus Medical now offers microDTTect as a novel solution to dissolve the biofilm for the release of pathogens. The risk of contamination during handling, transport and processing of the samples is reduced due to easy filling and airtight sealing of the system. These advantages facilitate the correct diagnosis of pathogens: patients benefit from a speedy recovery and targeted antibiotic treatment, while hospitals can free up personnel and financial resources.

Convenient solution for operating theatres and laboratories
With microDTTect, Heraeus Medical introduces an easy-to-use solution that can be seamlessly integrated into the workflow in operating theatres and microbiology labs. microDTTect consists of a sterile, sealable plastic pouch, in which sample materials removed during surgery (implants, biopsies) are placed. Following proper sealing of the pouch, the samples are protected from contamination. Dithiothreitol (DTT) is added via a valve system and dissolves the polysaccharide matrix of the biofilm to release the bacteria without killing them. This step allows the cultivation of the pathogens for identification and detection of antibiotic resistance.
microDTTect is available in three sizes, all with or without equipment for direct injection into a blood culture bottle.

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Heraeus Medical is a leader in the area of bone cements and biomaterials for surgical orthopaedics and trauma surgery. This enables the company to make an important contribution to supporting surgeons and the surgical team and to improve surgery outcomes. In the area of biomaterials, Heraeus Medical focuses on products for use in bone and joint surgery. The core product PALACOS® is considered the gold standard among bone cements and has repeatedly proven itself over five decades of clinical use. PALACOS® R+G - the first bone cement with antibiotics for infection prophylaxis in endoprosthetics - was developed over 45 years ago.

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