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New Fitness Radio App Gives Motivation to the WFH Crowd

28.03.2020 17:37:55 - Murph Workout Radio just launched their subscription music app in the App Store this week. Apple users will now join the ranks of Google Play subscribers, enjoying the unique brand of motivational workout music.

( - Burbank, CA
March 27, 2020

People who are stuck at home and missing their personal fitness trainers have some help on the way this week. A new internet radio station based out of Los Angeles is doing their part to help make life more productive, healthy, and enjoyable amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Startup company, Murph Workout Radio launched their long-awaited


Apple mobile app in the App Store today. The free streaming music website,, had its debut in December of last year and offers unique, motivational content for fitness enthusiasts.

According to company founder, Brad “Murph” Murphree, “Our music is different. Our DJs are workout fanatics who insert the right motivational quotes within the songs to create live transformative music to help keep you moving. So you’re getting more than just the same old song.”

The Detroit-transplant started by making music mixes for outdoor workout groups he took part in. Participants kept asking for copies of the music after the workout sessions, but sharing it proved difficult. “We needed a delivery mechanism that was sustainable. That’s what led us to build the radio station and the music channels grew from there.” Murph also adds, “We hand pick and field test every track we put out there to make sure it’s really good to workout to. We won’t leave you hanging with some sad, slow love song in the middle of your set.”

The new app will feature additional channels from their website which currently offers ten channels of popular music, with their signature motivational twist. Music genres include a wide mix of Rock, EDM/Dance, Latin, and even Country. Other channels are activity-focused like Running and Yoga. While the website content is available to stream for free, the Google Play and App Store apps are normally available for a low monthly subscription. The apps offer additional channels and better integration with iPhone and other SmartPhone devices as they aren't tied to the limitations of the internet.

The Murph Workout Radio app is now available at a special price in the Apple Store for a $1.99 one-time download fee. The promotion will run until Friday, April 3, 2020. After that time, app downloads will be available at a low monthly subscription rate.

“It really comes down to feeding your mind and soul while you’re building your body. No matter where you are with your personal fitness, our unique blend of songs and motivational quotes will get you moving and lift your mindset. Our listeners are a big family. They interact with us on social media, make song requests, and we celebrate our victories together. It’s more than just music. We’ve built a community here,“ says Murphree.
Those interested in taking advantage of the $1.99 one-time download offer can do so soon by downloading MurphWorkoutRadio in the Apple App Store at Other SmartPhone music listeners can download the app in the Google Play Store by following this link: Listeners can always hear the exercise music for free at Follow @MurphWorkoutRadio on InstaGram and Twitter for up to date announcements. Other questions can be answered by reaching out to

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