Mumbai Marathon 2012

Mumbai Marathon Streaming, Live Online Webcast

12.01.2012 09:21:56 - Watch live streaming Mumbai India for the 2012 marathon and half marathon road race events, sponsored by Standard Chartered. Online stream, web cam feed, weather forecast.

( - Mumbai's International Marathon is an annual international road running competition that is held in January. This event was first staged in 2004 and has grown in popularity in the years since.

This live feed is in Mumbai for the marathon: ..

Event Information:

Mumbai is the most populous city in India, and the fourth most populous city in the world, with a total metropolitan


area population of approximately 20.5 million. Along with the neighbouring urban areas, including the cities of Navi Mumbai and Thane, it is one of the most populous urban regions in the world.

The race categories are Full Marathon (42.195 km), Half Marathon (21.097 km), Dream Run (6 km), Senior Citizens' Run (4.3 km) and the Wheel chair Event (2.5 km). The Mumbai Marathon is part of "The Greatest Race on Earth", an event sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank. The other three legs of this four-marathon race are the Singapore Marathon, the Nairobi Marathon and the Hong Kong Marathon. The race became an IAAF Gold Label Road Race in 2010, confirming its status as one of the more prestigious competitions in the road racing calendar.

Mumbai marathon has been synonymous with Bollywood personalities. One the key ambassador for the event has been Bollywood star John Abraham. Other famous personality is Qualcomm Incorporated Executive Vice President for Americas and India, Peggy Johnson who ran the 2009 event.

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