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Melodic Folk Rock Artist Scott Lloyd Launches Third Single on Cornwall-based Label

Scott Lloyd\'s Single Living In the Dark tells the story of a talented man who was once a friend whose life goes astray and the retreat into the woods to live alone.

05.11.2018 21:44:42 - Living in the Dark, shortly accompanied by a video promo, is a mellow melodic song recorded at Red Sand Studios in Manchester and produced by Mathieu Garcia.

( - Living in the Dark is a mellow melodic song recorded at Red Sand Studios in the Chorlton area of Manchester and produced by Mathieu Garcia and was accompanied by a video available on YouTube. Scott is working on a full album with Mathieu producing, with the majority of the 10 intended tracks already finished.

‘Living In The Dark’ follows the


story of someone who has become a recluse. A person who was once a part of your life. He is “a talented man”, who’s life has “gone astray” and now “hides away”, as heard in the lyrics. It’s a song about lost friendships and also how someone’s life can turn for the worst at any moment and leave them Living In The Dark.

Scott’s previous single Down to Earth, released in September, has attracted attention from radio including Brian’s Indie Show on Radio Chaos Karibou, based in France and an independent radio station in Manchester gave it a few spins.

After release of his second single, music blog Belwood Music revisited Scott for an interview after reviewing his first single Looking Out to Sea. Scott describes the benefit of being signed to a record label: “I am a solo artist, but now I don’t have to do all the work myself. I still do as much work and self-promotion as I’ve done in the past, it’s just now I’ve got someone doing more and helping me.”

“Singer, songwriter, storyteller. Scott Lloyd has spent the best part of 5 years establishing himself as one of the talented artists on the Manchester music scene…” wrote The Emergence.

“Scott Lloyd knows how to captivate the listener with his storytelling talent," says James Wilson, Indie Band Guru.

“This promising artist has taken a big step forward and I’m interested to see where this road will lead next," to quote James Fenney at music review website Belwood Music.

“His style continues to develop and it is clear to me Looking Out To Sea is his best song to date.” From Marsh Towers, plus “Scott is really hitting his stride and his music is set to grow in popularity. He is a hard-working singer/songwriter who definitely deserves listening to...".

“…music of this quality can carry his name to the highest places.” says Tom Welsh of Design A Gig.

Living in the Dark is available to purchase from digital music sales including iTunes and Amazon, as well as available to download on Napster, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Amazon Music and the video will be available on YouTube before Living in the Dark is released on 9th November.

Scott’s latest independent EP, before signing with Aardvark Records for his upcoming single releases and album, was In The Garden, which came out in 2017 at a sold out launch event in Manchester at live music venue Jimmy’s. With his roots from the UK’s north east, Scott’s fourth EP Ironopolis is inspired by his hometown of Middlesbrough and straight after release it reached number 12 on the iTunes Singer Songwriter Charts in 2015.

Following this release, Scott was invited to an acoustic live session at BBC Introducing Tees and played at Glastonbury Festival in 2015. Scott then crossed the Atlantic to perform acoustic shows of the album on a tour from San Francisco right across to Vancouver in Canada.

Since his debut EP released in 2013, entitled Long Live You, Scott has released six EPs as an independent artist. All songs are written and performed by Scott except In The Garden which was recorded and performed live with a full backing band in 2017. Scott’s other EPs are; The Northern Gate (2013), Give Me Something (2014), Ironopolis (2015) and The Game (2016).

Scott’s folk indie-pop sound and songwriting has been lauded in the music and Manchester media including The Skinny, Merc, Clash, Narc, NE Volume, Telegraph Music, Manchester Evening News and Sunday Girl Magazine.

Scott has now got four songs ready for single release over the next few months. The release will be accompanied by gigs in Cornwall and Manchester and then followed by an album. ..

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