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06.09.2018 12:26:27 - Yes, you can. Managed WordPress hosting makes it easy to update all your plugins automatically from the dashboard. It doesnít stop you from installing WordPress plugins.

( - Managed hosting keeps your website fully updated so itís lightning fast and high performance. It backs everything up automatically and runs regular security checks, so itís bulletproof against hackers.

It Ďmanagesí your website behind the scenes and maintains consistently high performance. Perfect if you want tip-top results, but donít have the time or technical know-how to tweak and manage things Ďunder


the hoodí.

More than just a simple install, WordPress is integrated to your hosting so the moment you log in, youíre able to build, edit and manage your site. Cheap WordPress hosting, giving you a good loading times speed and security you canít get from a standard plan.
Many website owners wonder if managed hosting is worth the extra money, but if youíve got big plans for your website, it makes a lot of sense. Here are the benefits in more detail:
Yes, you can. Managed WordPress hosting makes it easy to update all your plugins automatically from the dashboard. It doesnít stop you from installing WordPress plugins.
Yes! We firmly believe that all websites should be secure, & part of that is an auto SSL certificate that is correctly installed & set up.

Bloggers or businesses that want to focus on running their site, without worrying about updates, backups, and behind-the-scenes technicalities.
Anyone who plans to grow their traffic fast and sees regular spikes in visitors.
Any website that cannot afford any downtime.
Anyone who values great support.

Global I Web Solution well know web hosting company in India, located in Mumbai. Global I Web had registered and established in the year of 2009. We offer Domain Name Registration, Domain Reseller, Web Hosting, and other products and services all over the world remotely from our registered office in Mumbai. We provide world-class web services like SEO Services, Digital Marketing Advertising, Website Designing, and Web Development globally.

We always focus on the quality of our services. Our significant customer base comes from MSME, Educational Institutes, Large Corporates, bloggers, Individuals, and resellers.

We have Registered under the 1956 Act Indian Company Law, in the section of Information Technologies. We formed to fulfill the aspirations of Corporate and non-corporate level companies to have their own Online Business Identity. Global I web Solution has promised itself towards fulfilling this aspiration of many companies and has over the last nine years. It has worked towards establishing itself as one of the key players in the Managed WordPress Hosting and Business Email Hosting services in Mumbai India.

We Keep Your Website Up and Running Fast
Global I Web Solution offer Domain Name Registration, Domain Reseller Program, Linux Web Hosting, Windows Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Servers, Business Email Hosting, and Gmail Business Email (G-Suite).

Valuable principles: Global I Web Solution follow straightforward and valuable principles in the service industry.

If customers are happy, then we are delighted.
Understand the requirement and priority of a proper guideline.
Work with 100% afford to get the maximum benefits for customers.
Provide better returns; you invest with us in your web services.
Priority to earn the customer trust not only money

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