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17.06.2017 18:20:46 - LONDON TOWER FIRE TECHTEST

( - Naresh Kumar Sagar Dated 17.062017: New Delhi.

Is the London Grenfell Tower Fire has been serious mishap or planned by global radical, need thorough investigation . British police and fire service are pointing to scientific assessment of this horrific tragedy in way that attention looks planned or accidental. Preparing nodal point in public domain are for keen consideration to lend the


mind to consolidate events and edifice. The adversaries for human beings are an opportunity to learn through such events to make our life more design safe and work for security and safety in crisis.

120 Apartment need separate fire & water tanks. Another plus is drinking water tank connected to fire tank as fire water ends the tank from drinking water gushes in and there has the alignment to fill fire tank in emergency. Water body in horticulture around building creating ambiances also add assets in time of contingency. of residential towers.

120 apartment each apartment need 1000 Ltrs per day so total tank capacity for day reserve doubling in plus additional makes it overhead tanks. The Fire in the underground tank capacity nearly 100Ks Ltrs connected to drinking water tank, with independent boosters are allocated with city power and generators.

Fire tank connected to water booster automatically restart when fire alarm blows which is connected to both wet riser and sprinklers and dry riser.Fire at midnight people in inert state.

Secondly fire at second floor or fourth floor reaches higher floors within eight minutes as per Fire officer said to media which explicitly and clearly indicates the fire lapping other floor is possible in case building are designed in continuity with materials used are inflammable to hold blaze and transfer or obviously more wood than metal. The fire tanks after group of certain floors are also provided to help firefighting in house to stop the blaze to spread. Thus various tanks at various floors are important .

On the other hand if design is fireproof then team of radicals or miscreants has sinister plan. Residential towers with security and planner wisdom are key to keep the citizen safe with the internal team of residents need to keep vigil eye.

On architecture point of view, the blaze blow to flare easily is poor design of building. In case floor are of concrete and metal then fire cannot engulfs. But when building is loaded with highly inflammable,cooking fuel, chemical, goods, material, appliance, in go-down or pantry or in kitchens the trouble brews.

Investigating by various agencies shall fix the cause of blaze once many parameters are taken into account. Building having serial inflammable material used and operates needs continuity in cold climate, with extra quantity of inflammable material for blaze to transfer to higher floors . Is the planned fire or accidentally fire in case of former materials are paramount for the parameters to judge but in later more than team of dozen radical are needed with suicidal bomb-blast are paramount and must leave their footprint for investigators to arrive for scientific conclusions.

Fire of such scale transferring floor levels to floors need to be an eye opener for planner, builders, architecture and interior.Thirdly residential apartment when turn into explosive materials go-down or warehouse ,fire accident are imminent. Lot more scientific study about electrical fixtures in for AC, lights and powers need expert attention.

Short circuit breakers now in vogue, the bursting flame can now be control with normal circuit breakers and other novel way of passing current in electron form with monitors of electricity required in channel form, created innovation from Eubiq Singapore based companies working in Europe and more than 40 Countries need expert attention.

Fire fighters periodic checking entire building by competent Fire officer are need which may dilutes the chances of such devastating fire to ignite in such horrific nature.

Local self government,County council, Municipal authorities around the globe need more experts and specialist to join for better performance in such eminent residential tower to grow in urbanisation with minimum or zero error for habitation.

The ideas are bonded with various experts to conjoined comprehensive study for infusing and prevailing the better sense of urban city planner experts of management of water, fire, builder for such high rise building for residential purpose specially.

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