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Just in Time for Pride Season: A Message of Love and Resilience

Love Out Loud

24.05.2019 08:55:10 -

( - Dallas, TX (May 17, 2019)…Uplifting, Powerful and Motivating are just a few words to describe the radio-ready single from Enotram Entertainment dance recording artist, Martone.

2019, has started off on a good note for the Groove Tonight singer. In February, Good Love, the single by Clayton Morgan, which featured Martone soared to the number 2 spot on the iTunes


CA electronic dance charts. That was not the first time that the singer scored a top 10 hit. Both Groove Tonight Extreme’s Late-Night Remix and Love You I Do Auoo Extreme’s Deep Love Remix reached the # 5 and #9 spots simultaneously on iTunes fitness and work out charts in May 2016.

Now, The Emperor of House Music is back with his long-awaited single Love Out Loud from his upcoming album Erogenous Zone, due out July 26, 2019. There is no denying that in these turbulent times where xenophobia and homophobia are on the rise that Love Out Loud offers a source for inspiration and a call to action for self-preservation of loving yourself and “Just Be Who You Are,” the song exclaims.

Author, Damon Z. Percy says, “There is a story being told here; about love, life, and joy. The Music; a love letter that has been written to the community.”

Electro Wow, music blogger Erick Ycaza says, “Love Out Loud carries a powerful message, which encourages us to be authentic.” To listen to more of what Erick Ycaza had to say, use the following link:

Four-time Grammy Award Winning Producer, Kabir Sehgal says, “So good. Great propulsive beat, clap-track, and Lyrics.”

Love Out Loud is currently available on Beatport for a two-week store exclusive, and available for pre-order on iTunes ahead of its worldwide release on May 31, 2019, across all music platforms. The retail price range is $2.99 - $4.98 and features the radio edit and bass radio edit mixes. For DJs Love Out Loud is available on ZipDJ and Music Worx on May 17, 2019.

BeatPort at
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10% of all sales of Love Out Loud and remixes will benefit the Human Rights Campaign to combat discrimination and support equality for all.

“Some may say that ‘just be who you are’ may sound cliché. But, until my trans brothers and sisters are no longer being murdered, and xenophobia is stomped out, then it will never be cliché. Everyone, no matter who they are should be able to walk down the street without fear of being targeted just for being themselves,” said the singer.

Love Out Loud the anime music video will premiere on YouTube on Friday, May 17, 2019. Use this link:

About Martone:

Hailing from the Capital city of Michigan, The Emperor of House Music, Pop/EDM recording artist Martone has been hitting the ground running in the music industry since 2014, and has manifested into a lucrative artist with dynamic artistic merit with a raw and original sound that has captivated the ears of an insatiable number of fans since his inception.
Not long after the up and coming artist began to brand himself, he entered the studio to record his debut album #TEOM the Evolution of Martone 1st and 2nd editions, he capped it off with the Deluxe Edition which garnered positive reception and critical acclaim not long after its release. Some of Martone’s notable chart domination, street-buzzing singles include Groove Tonight, Love You I Do, Office Politics, Chocolate |Spoken Word Mix, F**k Me Baby and now a cover of Little Willie John’s 1956 hit single Fever.

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