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14.06.2018 16:12:25 - Manchester-based Scott Lloyd, 29, releases his first single on Cornish label Aardvark Records, which follows his 6 successful solo EPs as an independent artist who has built a strong reputation as a songwriter up north before signing to a Cornwall based label in April.

(live-PR.com) - Melodic indie folk rock artist Scott Lloyd, 29, based in South Manchester has signed to an independent label and will launch his first single Looking Out to Sea with live performances in Manchester and Cornwall.

As a recently signed artist, Scott will be releasing his first single on Cornwall-based independent label Aardvark Records after they heard four new songs


and asked to meet up. Scott’s single Looking Out To Sea will be released on Friday 22nd June and Aardvark Records have invited Scott to play some gigs in Falmouth to mark his official launch on the label.

Scott, born in Middlesbrough, has previously released six EPs independently and played live in venues across the UK and America from San Francisco to Vancouver, Canada, as well as appearing at Glastonbury Festival in 2015 and live on BBC Introducing in Tees.

Last year, in 2017 Scott sold out Jimmy’s venue in Manchester to release his EP In the Garden, which was recorded with a full backing band. With roots firmly planted in the North East Scott also wrote songs for his Ironopolis EP, which were inspired by his hometown of Middlesbrough and the EP immediately reached number 12 in iTunes Singer Songwriter charts in 2015.

After graduating from a degree in music at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2010, Scott listened to Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Simon and Garfunkel and Bruce Springsteen for their songwriting and inspired, Scott set out to record his first EP Long Live You in 2013.

Manchester’s cultural press has already reviewed Scott’s independent releases such as The Skinny, Clash Magazine, NE Volume, Telegraph Music and the Manchester Evening News.

Scott’s single Looking Out to Sea goes on sale on Friday 22nd June on digital music retail sites and Aardvark Records have pressed CDs.

geo.itunes.apple.com/gb/album/looking-out-to-sea ..

www.amazon.co.uk/Looking-out-Sea-Scott-Lloyd/dp/ ..

Aardvark Records opened its doors to welcome new demos and received a steady flow of submissions, which all got listened to and feedback, however one 29 year-old based in Manchester stood out as being ready for a record contract, with written and produced songs with videos, a website, social media activity and a healthy back catalogue of releases and press acclaim.

Indie folk rock artist, Scott Lloyd, born in Middlesbrough, met with Aardvark Records on a visit to Cornwall between two heavy snowfalls in March and now, signed to the label, he will come back to Falmouth to launch his coast-inspired single Looking Out to Sea in June.

The event at the Poly titled Aardvark Records Presents Scott Lloyd’s single launch plus support at the Poly provides visitors and locals in Falmouth with an alternative to sea shanties on Saturday 23 June from 7.30pm.

Scott, now living in Manchester with his fiancée, who has Cornish roots, has previously released six independent EPs as, he says “the songs keep flowing out”. He toured across the United States to San Francisco and Canada all the way across to Vancouver as well as appearing at Glastonbury Festival and he performed a live acoustic set on BBC Introducing in Tees.

Scott has launched EPs to sell-out venues and had his music reviewed in Telegraph Music, The Skinny, Clash Magazine, NE Volume and the Manchester Evening News.

Supporting Scott at the Poly on Saturday 23 June, to give anyone in town a break from Sea Shanties for an evening, are harpist Floralyn George, who was born in Bulgaria and is also a model, and Falmouth-based progressive rock band Universal Revolution.

The night before on Friday 22nd June Scott will perform a 45 minute warm up Secret Set at Jacob’s Ladder Inn, where he met Aardvark Records in March, to mark the release date of his single and acoustic folk rock singer-songwriter Lee Robert will provide support.

Aardvark Records was launched by Andrew Reeve in 2001 as a new style of holistic music company to provide artists with business, distribution and licensing support, synchronization and publishing opportunities and an equal share of the proceeds. According to the music business press, this is now becoming the norm amongst independent labels. Aardvark Records also has a Dance label based in Amsterdam.

Aardvark Records Presents Scott Lloyd’s Single Launch tickets are now on sale for £8 or £5 with a flier, either printed or online, from the Poly’s What’s On Music website thepoly.org or seats can reserved at the Poly on Church Street, Falmouth, or on 01326 319461.

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