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Impact of GST on Digital Marketing

08.07.2017 08:57:01 - This post is regarding what is GST and how it will effect affect digital marketing.

( - Nowadays most famous thing in India is GST. It is the most talked about topic more than any celebrity, sports etc. Even its impact is heavier than the Bahubali 2 & Prabhas. But it is the topic after ‘Notebandi’ which creates volcanic effects on each and every business, no matter which category are you from. And the reason behind is


pretty clear because it have good and bad both type of impacts for different sectors in our country. And as we said it affects all business categories so it also affects Digital Marketing.
So are you aware of it? Do you know how it will create its impact on digital marketing field? Come & let’s increase your knowledge about GST & its impacts.

What is GST?

GST stands for Goods & Services Tax is an indirect tax that has been implemented from 1 July, 2017, which is come as a replacement of different state and center taxes. Now in all India only one GST will be payable on goods & services. With this new policy goods and services are taxed at the following rates, 0%, 5%, 12% and 18%, 0.25% on precious stones and 3% on gold. And 28% GST will be charge on some items like: aerated drinks, luxury cars and tobacco products.

According to a survey this is the biggest revolt in tax of Indian history after 70 years of Independence. This GST is ruled by its Council and its Chairman is the Finance Minister of India.

What are various benefits of Goods, services, and tax?

Many political parties, social groups continuously debating on that is GST beneficial or Not? But I think GST has benefits as well as damages to diverse sectors of our country. Actually its effects depend on your product type and its costing. There are following benefits of GST:

• Now our country has only one marketplace with equal GST rates.
• It is a single tax policy which comes as a replacement of all taxes. It will definitely affect our GDP in good terms because we will not pay any tax on taxes.
• After this we have a simple tax rule with a small number of exemptions. In the past many states had to pay more than 2 and 3 taxes but now government freed you from all these duties.
• In past you were paid many taxes like Central Excise, Vat, service tax etc but now you have to take tension only for one GST.
• It have benefits for economy also like: helpful in raising investments & exports, raise in generating employment, create India as a manufacturing center etc.

What would be the impact of GST on the online business and digital marketing company?

As we said above impact all rely upon what are you making and what it’s costing. GST leaves its impression on all types of businesses so how it can leave online marketing. Online marketing will change at big level after this new reform of tax. Lets we discuss about the new changes we will face in future due to this GST:

• Before GST, all advertisement expense regard as a manufacturing expense and this all matter to sales, tax and VAT. Thus, any single type of input credit is not available which causes lose to advertisers but now 18% of input credit available on taxes. This is the helpful change for advertisers which will dispatch their losses.
• Because the input credit is available, service tax is increase by 3% which is now 18%.
• It will reduce advertising cost.
• You will get higher exemptions if you are going to start a new business.
• You will pay single tax only. GST is a tax which will add on the cost at each phase.


Each change has its good and bad both effects on everything. Everyone cannot accept changes in very easy manner. Some have problems with them and some have ok with it. Same condition is going to with GST. This is the one of the biggest reform which has been introduced for improving our economy. GST is beneficial for online marketing. I hope this post might be proving helpful to you and now you will ready to change your views in goods terms about GST.

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